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Why should you choose Utah Adoption Specialists as your adoption service provider?

We know that you have several options when deciding who to use for an adoption service provider. We always feel honored when you choose to have us be a part of your adoption journey!

For those of you who are trying to decide how to move forward in your adoption journey, here’s a few reasons why we think you should start with us!

Experience – Each caseworker/owner of Utah Adoption Specialists has at least 12 years of experience in the adoption field. All together, that’s over 50 years of adoption experience! Add on the knowledge and experience of each of our wonderful contractors, and that’s even more.

Value – FREE casework services are included in the cost of your home study with UAS. To our knowledge, we are the only adoption service provider group who offers this. Free casework means that you’ll have a knowledgeable caseworker to guide you through every step of the adoption process. Even if you decide to use an adoption agency, you’ll still have your UAS caseworker available to help you.

Compassion – We know the adoption process isn’t always easy. We’ve seen a lot in our years of service, and each caseworker knows how to provide you the compassion and understanding you need as you experience the ups and downs that your adoption journey may bring.

For those of you who have received services through UAS, what would you tell people is the #1 reason they should choose us?

Upcoming Events October 2018

Mark your calendars for these great upcoming events:

Free Adoptive Parent Support Groups:
These are held monthly, are free, and are open to all adoptive couples no matter where they are in the adoption process. You do not have to be a Utah Adoption Specialists client to attend. They are a great way to learn more about different aspects of adoption and connect with other adoptive couples.

Our Northern Utah Support Group will be held Thursday, October 11 @ 7 p.m.

Our Utah County Support Group will be held Friday, October 12 @ 7 p.m.


Next is the Annual Adoption Walk With Me on Saturday, October 20 from 9:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Always a fun event for the whole community!
Get more information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/436591780191442/

And finally, the annual Infertility Conference by the Utah Infertility Resource Center on Saturday, October 27. This is a fantastic event for anyone who has struggled with infertility. They have wonderful classes, amazing giveaways, and tons of information on local resources. This year our own Kim Perry will be facilitating one of the classes, an Adoptive Parent Panel, and we will be giving away two pairs of tickets to our next series of adoption education classes in February at this event!

Watch our social media for an upcoming giveaway of two pairs of tickets to the UIRC Infertility Conference!

Positive Adoption Language

Adoption is a beautiful thing that has touched the lives of many people in a very positive way. How we talk about adoption is important. The language we use can have a significant effect on how others think and feel about adoption. The words we choose to use when talking about adoption can paint adoption as either a positive or negative thing.

Often, we may not even realize that the terms we use when talking about adoption are negative or inappropriate.  Just by making a few simple changes in our adoption vocabulary, we can paint a more positive view of adoption and the people involved in it. We can also help to dispel common adoption myths by using appropriate adoption language, thus creating a more positive view of adoption in general. Here are some ideas to help you replace negative adoption language with positive adoption language.

A common myth is that expectant parents who choose an adoption plan for their child do so because they “don’t want” the child. This is far from the truth. Expectant parents who chose adoption love their child and put a lot of thought into the decision. Using phrases such as “made an adoption plan”, “chose adoption”, and “placed their child for adoption” convey the message that the decision was made thoughtfully and lovingly. Saying things like “gave up”, “put up for adoption”, or “adopted out” imply that no thought or love were involved in the decision.
Terms to avoid: gave up, gave away, put up, abandoned, adopted out
Use these terms instead:
placed, made an adoption plan, chose adoption

Another common mistake in adoption language is to refer to the biological or birth parents as the “real parents.” This implies that adoptive parents […]

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Upcoming Events August/September 2018

Has everyone been enjoying their summer as much as we have?! Our free Adoptive Couple Support Groups have been on pause to give everyone a chance to enjoy their summer. But there are a few events to look forward to in the coming months! We are really excited about our upcoming adoption education classes on September 7 & 8! We have an awesome schedule planned with amazing presenters. We are currently running a giveaway for a pair of tickets – hurry on over to our social media pages and get entered if you haven’t, the giveaway ends on Friday (August 10)!

Our Utah County and Northern Utah Adoption Support Groups are both taking a break for August, but are excited to get started back up again in September. The Northern Utah Support Group will be starting things off with a bang with an awesome date night planned for September 14. Mark your calendars now as this is an event you won’t want to miss!

And you’ve all heard of the Utah Infertility Resource Center, right?! They are hosting an LGBTQ Family Building Panel and Provider Meet and Greet on August 29. You can get more information on their Facebook page.

There are also a couple of great opportunities for birth parent support groups in August through Life After Placement (click here for more info) on August 9, and Children’s Service Society (Birth Parent Support Group Flyer 2018) on August 14.

Do you know of any other events supporting adoption this […]

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Upcoming Events May 2018

There are so many amazing opportunities for education and support for those involved with adoption in Utah!

Here are some upcoming events for May 2018:

Northern Utah Adoptive/Foster Parent Support Group – these groups are always free and you do not have to be a Utah Adoption Specialists client to attend


Utah County Adoptive Parent Support Group – these groups are always free and you do not have to be a Utah Adoption Specialists client to attend


Utah Infertility Resource Center Support Groups


Birth Parent Support Group at Children’s Service Society


Birth Mother’s Day Celebration (sponsored by Life After Placement)


Please feel free to contact us with questions or for more information regarding these events!

Private Adoption: How To Make It Happen For You

Are you wondering how you can make a private adoption happen for you?

Our wonderful N family has successfully completed three private adoptions in just over a year! They put together a blog post about how they made it happen, and we are so excited to share it with all of you hopeful adoptive couples.

Read here for some great advice on how to get the word out there and be proactive in your adoption journey.

Adoption – How Did We Do It?

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