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Congratulations! Placed families February 2019

Congratulations to the following families who added sweet new babies this past month.

The D family, placed with a sweet baby girl Ella through Private adoption!
The F family, placed with a handsome baby boy Tian through Agency adoption!
The G family, placed with precious baby girl Brynn through Private adoption!
The H family, placed with sweet baby girl Andi through Agency adoption!
The K family, blessed with two separate Agency adoptions in February! Baby boy Liam was placed first, followed less than a week later by his new baby sister, Rowan!
The L family, placed with precious baby girl Emma through Private adoption!
And the N family, placed with sweet baby boy Zeke through Private adoption!

What an exciting month! 8 placements for 7 of our wonderful families!!

Hopeful Family Spotlight: Rob and Tiffanie

Meet the Burtons!

Rob and Tiffanie Burton are hopeful adoptive parents who have a beautiful four year old daughter named Brynlee, who they adopted through a family adoption a little over four years ago. They are hoping to be able to adopt again in the near future.

Rob is an IT Security Specialist (CyberSecurity Analyst), and loves working with technology. He is a very kind, gentle, and loving father. There is nothing he would not do for their family. He is selfless, and loves to help others in many different ways. He enjoys learning, listening to music or talk tapes; he enjoys serving in his church callings and serving others; he is really smart, and loves to learn how things work, and he is always sharing facts about American or Church history or other things with his family.

Tiffanie is a wonderful and loving mother, who more than anything else loves being a mother first and foremost in her life. She also worked for a time as a Digital Media specialist, and especially loved the time she was able to be a newborn baby photographer. She also worked for seven years as a patient care assistant at Utah Valley Hospital. She is kindhearted, sweet, and gentle, and is a great example to all those around her. She values learning and education, and loves to read, both personally, and to her daughter Brynlee, and shares her love of learning with her family.

To their prospective adoptive parents, they say: “We would be so honored to know you and to welcome you. We know you love your child. We will make sure […]

Who Does This Child Belong To?: Guest post by Lori Bassham

“We should not be asking who this child belongs to, but who belongs to this child.” -James L. Gritter

I’ll lay it out for you. Nice and honest. I felt defensive and threatened when I first started learning about open adoption. But this will be MY child. I will change this baby’s diapers. I will kiss this child’s boo-boos. I will rub this kid’s back when the flu strikes and the vomit flows. I didn’t really want to share. Somewhere along the way, someone told me that open adoption is biblical adoption and somewhere along the way I began to research the effects of open adoption on children and somewhere along the way, my views began to change.

But what would it look like?

Pictures and letters.

It would look like pictures and letters because my child would need the comfort and stability of knowing that we are his family.


You see, I hadn’t met my child yet. And I hadn’t met his mother.

Every circumstance within adoption is unique. Some children are taken by the state for reasons. Some parents are absolutely incapable of raising their kids. Sometimes there is abuse and it is not in the best interest of the child to see his parents. I know this. I am so thankful that isn’t Matthew’s story but I know it’s the story of countless children.

Perhaps, in those situations, open adoption does look like pictures and letters only. And that’s okay. But what’s vital, for our children, is that we do not shame their first family. For in shaming the family, we inadvertently shame the child. In refusing to talk about the first family, we silence the child. In failing to discuss adoption openly and honestly, we express to […]

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