Jared and Lindsey

Meet Jared and Lindsey!

Ever since my husband and I met over six years ago, we have looked forward to raising a family together. We have tried to conceive a child biologically for the past 3 years. We utilized several fertility procedures including IUI and IVF. However, the treatments were unsuccessful. It was at this time that we realized we were meant to be adoptive parents.

We have aspirations to raise a child in a safe, nurturing home. To make sure they are healthy and happy. We want to provide opportunities to dream big and achieve those dreams, and to provide unconditional love.

As a couple, we are well balanced and have a great relationship. Having fun together and enjoying life is very important to us. We have many passions in life including camping, golfing, and traveling. We would love to share these passions with a child/children.

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