There has been a great deal of attention of late surrounding Utah’s adoption laws as they relate to birth, or putative fathers.
At Utah Adoption Specialists, we appreciate Utah’s adoption laws and believe when those laws are followed, the rights of both birth mothers and birth fathers are served.

In Utah, when a man takes the action to conceive a baby, that is his notice that she may be pregnant. If he follows that action with responsible care and concern, his rights are strengthened.

In Utah, birth fathers do have paternity rights. If he wishes to establish those rights, a man must take steps to do so before the mother of the child signs a consent to adoption and relinquishes her parental rights. He does so by contacting the office of Vital Records in the State of Utah and registering with the paternity registry.

When an agency or attorney is helping a woman with an adoption plan, to act ethically and responsibly, they will work to make sure that laws are followed in the state where the child was conceived as well as in the state where the child is placed for adoption.

The stories which have been in the news of late, have caused negative impressions regarding these issues. There have been situations where the laws were not followed, leading to tragic consequences for children, their adoptive families and birth fathers.

Those are rare situations. Our experience is that birth parents seeking an adoption plan do not “want” to place their child for adoption, they “want” to do what is best for their child. Sometimes, a young woman does not want to notify a birth father because he has been abusive to her. She fears not only for her own safety but that of the unborn child.

A birth parent faces a difficult decision. She is counseled to explore all of her options and make her own decision based on what is best for her and her child. When possible, it is preferred to have a birth father involved in the process, and help him in the same manner. Responsible adoption professionals will assist birth parents in a legal and ethical way. When that happens, Utah’s adoption laws work for everyone concerned.

Written By Koleen Popin

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