Did you know that most adoption agencies in the state of Utah will accept a home study done by an outsider provider, such as Utah Adoption Specialists?! A Act of Love, Heart to Heart, Heart and Soul Adoptions, and LDS Family Services are just a few who accept studies from outside providers. Additionally, many agencies outside of Utah will also accept a study written by UAS. So why choose UAS to complete your study? Your home study may cost you less, may be completed faster, and you will have two caseworkers if you are pursuing an agency adoption (your UAS worker and your agency worker) to help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming adoption process! All caseworker services for the year of your study are included with your UAS study, meaning you can call us anytime with questions or concerns, ask for help with writing your birth parent letter, or ask for our attendance at a face-to-face meeting with birth parents, just to name a few things. All of us at UAS have worked with hundreds of adoptive couples over the years and we are excited to work with you too!