Have you considered a private adoption but don’t know what it entails or where to begin? Here are a few things to know about private adoptions in the state of Utah:

*A private adoption is when adoptive parents identify an expectant mother/father on their own, without the use of an agency. There are lots of ways to do this, through networking, word-of-mouth, pass along cards, profile hosting websites, your own social media accounts, etc.
*Once identified and a match is made, the legal aspects of a private adoption are handled by a licensed attorney.
*The same services that a birth mother gets through an agency are available through a private adoption as well. The adoptive couple can pay for counseling and/or group services for the birth parents if they are desired.
*When using UAS, the couple can receive the same services with a private adoption as they can with an agency, including casework services (help with their profile and birth parent letters, attendance at face-to-face meetings with birth parents, general questions and guidance, etc.)
*Private adoptions are oftentimes less expensive than agency adoptions.

We at UAS are happy to assist you with all aspects of a private adoption, including helping you with ideas for networking to find your birth parents, providing casework, and providing you with a list of good adoption attorneys throughout the state. We can also take birth parent relinquishments and provide pre- and post- placement birth parent counseling in certain situations, such as at your attorney’s request or when court appointed to do so.

Questions about a private adoption? We’d be happy to answer them for you!