Hopeful Family Spotlight: John and Lora

Fast Facts About John, Lora, & Maya

1. John is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do as well as a certified TKD referee.
2. He earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering and works in Utah as a “Process Integration Scientific Engineer Module Owner” (I dare you to say the three times fast).
3. John makes mouth-watering banana chocolate chip muffins, and his world-
famous whole-wheat buttermilk pancakes are in high demand!
4. John loves to make up games to play with Maya, and I often find the two of them giggling together.
5. John recently fixed our dryer BY HIMSELF! This continues to amaze and impress me!
6. Lora knows that John loves her because she has only had to clean the toilet a handful of times during their almost nine years of marriage. That is TRUE love!

1. Lora is a domestic goddess by day (that’s right, I learned how to make grape juice out of the grapes from our back yard this year) and an aspiring author by naptime.
2. If Lora was a superhero, her special powers would be to make friends, get lost while driving, use lots of exclamation marks and parenthesis while writing (am I right!), and organize anything from activities to papers.
3. Lora taught elementary school for five years before staying at home with baby Maya.
4. There is always at least one book on her nightstand at all times (but usually it’s more like three or four with a few magazines, post-it notes, and a couple of pictures created by Maya thrown in for good measure). In other words, she loves to read!
5. Lora also loves to travel! Her favorite places thus far are Egypt, Italy, and London. Her current dream destinations are Australia and New Zealand.
6. Lora is a leg shaker, tissue snuffer, music lover, garden grower, workout go-er, scarf wearer, book reader, and family adorer.

1. Maya just started kindergarten this year. Every day we ask her how school was, and every day she says “Awesome!”
2. This girl loves to ask questions and talk non-stop.
3. Miss Papaya is our A to Z. She is our first concern at the beginning of day and the receiver of our many kisses at the end (and throughout). She’s our girl!
4. Maya just got a bike for her fifth birthday. It’s the smallest bike we could find, and she can barely reach the ground with her tippy toes. Adorbs!
5. Maya is feisty. While preparing her to go to school we would ask her questions like, “What should you do if someone is mean to you at recess?” Her immediate response was “Be mean back!” We’re still working on conflict resolution skills.

1. It was partly our love of pirates—before pirates were the “in” thing—that brought John and Lora together. Lora’s “Kiss Me I’m A Pirate” t-shirt sparked one of their first conversations.
2. We love to play games together. Just recently Maya told me that she was going to be the “instructioner” and tell us how to play a game. Then we had a mad game of chase!
3. Our favorite places in the house are the kitchen where we cook and eat family dinner together and the living room where we can sit and chat.
4. We all love to laugh! A lot. We enjoy having friends over often. We also love to have Maya’s birth parents (and birth grandparents) over to visit! Our last visit was a crazy game of Pinochle.
5. With all of the summer rainstorms we’ve been having, we’ve run outside to conduct very official leaf races in the gutter in front of our house. Maya told me the next day that I “cheated,” by which she meant that I lost. Too true.
6. Our family recently went on a vacation to San Francisco. We loved the boat tour of the San Francisco Bay, walking on the Golden Gate Bridge, and eating the food on Fisherman’s Wharf in Little Italy and Chinatown.
7. John and Lora love to go on dates! Some of our favorite dates have been to go to the Nickelcade (where Lora schooled John in ski ball and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), to plays and movies, and out to dinner where we can just talk.
8. Lora has allergies (grass, pollen, pet hair, and cockroaches—and no, I didn’t make that last one up) in a bad way. On our first date we went out on John’s parents’ 160 acres to shoot rifles. Lora’s allergies were so bad that she stuffed tissues up her nose so that she could use her hands to shoot the gun. John was pretty impressed that his date was confident enough to walk around with a tissue hanging out of her nose.
9. John got a WiiU for his last birthday, and we all like to race each other in MarioKart or explore Nintendoland.
10. Our family enjoys some fun traditions: No Hands Spaghetti Night on Friday the 13ths and PPP (Popcorn & Pretty Ponies) on Sunday nights.

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