Today we are lucky enough to have another beautiful birth mother share her story. This is from Sydney, who placed her sweet baby girl for adoption:

My name is Sydney Watts. I am 18 years old, and I am a birth mom (woot woot). I placed my sweet baby girl in December of 2013. I was in high school when I became pregnant and even though I highly favored the option of parenting, little by little I came to know that the things my baby needed and deserved, she wasn’t going to get with me as her mother. For as much as I wanted to be her mom and as much as I miss her, I have never had feelings of regret towards my decision. How on earth could you not regret giving your baby to someone else? Here are just a few reasons why I don’t regret it.
When I decided on adoption, it wasn’t like, “Hmm adoption is the easy way out.” It was more like “God please let me make the right decision for my baby. Please show me what I should do so my child has the best life that she can have.” And not only that, but once I did know that adoption was the right thing for my baby, I prayed for the strength to follow through with it. My motto became “not my will, but thine be done.” THE TRUTH IS: There is no easy way out. Parenting isn’t easy especially if you will be a single mom, just like giving your child to someone else’s family is not easy. Once you find yourself in a crisis pregnancy, there is no easy way out. You are in it for the long run whether you like it or not.
I have realized that my situation has been completely out of my hands. I didn’t choose adoption, God did. I didn’t choose her family, God did. He just used me as a tool to get her to where she needed to go. He used me to get her to her family. How can I regret something that was out of my hands in the first place? A friend of mine shared a quote that I will continue to live by: Your ATTITUDE determines your ALTITUDE. For me, it has never been a matter of “why me?” It has always just been a matter of “how blessed I am to know and to love and be trusted with this sweet baby girl.”
So I followed through with my adoption plan and placed my baby girl two days after she was born with the most wonderful people I have ever had the privilege to know. Before I placed, they took the time to genuinely get to know me. It never seemed like they were just in it to win it. They truly cared about me. Not only were they like this before placement, but even after placement they still loved me which thrilled me! They are some of my biggest supporters and I have the highest respect for them. I consider them my family and I love them as if I’ve known them forever. They continue to amaze me at the love they share by keeping their children’s birth families involved.
Being a birth mom is nothing to be ashamed of. As a birth mom, you do not “give up” your child. To give up means to cease of making an effort when in reality, you made every effort possible for your baby. You chose life even though you were terrified of the future. You sought education in all your options, and broke your own heart because you knew where your child needed to be. When H’s birth father and I placed our daughter with her family, I gained so much more than I lost – family, friendship, bonds that will never be broken and so many other things. I would never go back and change my decision. I love adoption and will continue to be an adoption advocate whenever I see an opportunity. It has been such a positive thing in my life and I will do everything I can to help make it positive for others as well.