Our Awesome Birthparents:Before we decided to adopt I never would have imagined myself watching our birth mom’s brother playing lacrosse while we yell from the bleachers with her family, or playing volleyball with our birth dad and his family in their backyard. I never would have imagined our birth dad racing dirt bikes with my brother in-law or meeting our birth mom’s grandma and great-grandma. I have a deep respect for both our birthparents and realize that not everyone is as blessed as we are to have that relationship with both of them.

We first met Shayla and Jared at LDS family services. If you would have said that we were extremely nervous that would have been an understatement. I was shaking so bad I probably shouldn’t have even been driving. We came into the room and I bent down to hug our little Shayla (she was somewhere under 5 feet tall with the cutest pregnant belly you had ever seen) then I reached up to Jared who towered over me (I’m just over 6 feet tall and had never felt short until I hugged Jared). We sat down and chatted for a while. I had sort of imagined it being like a job interview, where they ask us questions and we give them the response we think they want to hear, but it was nothing of the sort. We chatted openly and honestly about what we envisioned for this little boy.

We never expected to love them instantly and so deeply. Whether they picked us to parent their son or not we had a deep love and respect for them and really cared about them. They immediately became family to us. We only had a short time to get to know them before our son Carson was born, 5 days to be exact. It was a crazy whirlwind of emotions being chosen to be his parents and then 5 days later he was here. We admire them so much and love that Carson has a relationship with each of them. We know it is not that common to have both birth parents involved so we feel extremely grateful that Carson can spend one on one time with his birth mother and his birth father. They are no longer a couple and have not been since Carson was a few months old, but that has not come in their way of wanting a relationship with him.

One of my favorite memories with our birthparents was on Carson’s first birthday. We wanted to have a big first year celebration so we invited everyone, Kaydee’s family, my family, Shayla’s family, and Jared’s family. There were so many people that the entire neighborhood was wondering what was going on (when he turned 2 we had to move the party to the park to accommodate all the people). The reason it was such a great experience wasn’t because of all the excitement but because I realized that there is so much love for Carson from so many people. He really is one loved little boy and we couldn’t be happier to have him in our family and get the opportunity to be his parents. Our lives have changed for the better because of Carson and God blessing us with the ultimate responsibility of being his parents. Before we adopted, I didn’t know if I would feel like I was a “real” dad. One of the key factors in me feeling like a “real” dad is the many times both Shayla and Jared have told me that I was meant to be Carson’s dad. Our birth parents have brought into our lives the warmth that we had waited for so long and shined a new light on our perspective of what family really is.

We are thrilled to be “hoping to adopt” again. We look forward to not only welcoming another tiny miracle into our lives and our family, but also welcoming another birth family into our family and building a lasting relationship with them. You can view our adoption profile at,https://itsaboutlove.org/ial/profiles/30621751/ourMessage.jsf