Remember last week’s awesome perspective from an adoptive father, Devin? Well this week we have their birth mother, Shayla, sharing her story! Thank you Shayla, for opening your heart!Hello! My name is Shayla Witney, I am from Springville Utah and I am one very proud birth mother of a handsome baby boy. My story is a little different vs. other peoples stories with adoption. I found out I was pregnant around August 20th 2011; birth father Jared was still involved with the entire pregnancy and was supportive of it all. Just a little insight before I tell the story. My mother was 6 months pregnant with my baby sister and Jared’s mom was a month pregnant when I found out I was expecting. Something was obviously in the water and there was a lot of hormones and a lot of, “i’m ignoring her because she is being rude” at my house.

I was 16 years old and I was living at my parents house when Jared and I discovered I was pregnant. Jared and I were scared, but we weren’t freaking out over it. It was a blessing that was meant to come at the time it did. My parents were not supportive at all at the beginning. What do you expect though? My mom was getting close to her due date and my dad had two pregnant ladies in the house! I won’t go into much detail but I packed up and left the next morning after them finding out. It was bad! Eventually my mom came around to help me through this huge change in my life and I moved back home.

Jared and I had talked about all the options we had and did a ton of thinking together and when we were alone. While we were talking my mom decided to set up an appointment for us through LDS Family Services. I wasn’t sure what to think of the fact she had scheduled it without my knowing but I am now more than grateful that she did. Jared and I went to all the meetings together for the first little while and our wonderful agent was the sweetest lady we could have gotten. She was truly a hero for helping us with this difficult time. We went every Wednesday at 4 O’ clock and we would have our hour session.

We didn’t start looking at portfolios until February mainly because I wasn’t ready to and I kept pushing it back. I don’t think I was ever ready for the challenges I would soon be facing. I made it though!
Jared was an amazing partner during this time, he was there for me and he loved that little baby that was growing inside of me. Whenever he would sing, he would start moving around and kicking. It was the most amazing thing a mother could experience. We then starting fighting a lot and didn’t get along, my hormones were through the roof and he was struggling with some personal things and I made the biggest mistake of my life. I didn’t let him go when I found out what I was having. It was December 5th, 2012. I didn’t cry because I was happy about having a boy, I cried because he wasn’t there. He had every right to be there and I regret telling him not to come. I loved that my parents were there, but i feel like he was more important to be there, it was in fact his son. We started going to the meetings by ourselves and we didn’t talk much, he would go with me to Dr. appointments and that was about it. Towards then end we put our big panties on and got back together.

When it came to finding a couple we wanted to meet it wasn’t easy at all! I had so many expectations like; he had to be the first child, they couldn’t live around us, I was iffy about having an open adoption. So, finding someone that met both of our exceptions was ridiculous.
We then didn’t start emailing couples until February. We met with a few people just to see. Then we met one couple. Jared loved them, they were both lawyers who didn’t have any kids and a nice house and a car that was super fast. I was iffy and I was getting to the point where I didn’t care anymore. I was huge pregnant and I hated the fact that I had to do this. Well, we met with them once and then we met them again and that was when we told them we had chosen them to take our son. My mom took me to build a bear and we made a little recording of the heart beat, one for the baby and one for me. I also made a blanket at Legacy, it was a teen mom school and we wrapped the bear up and gave it to them. I went into that room with a bad feeling and i left feeling like i had just made the biggest mistake of my life! I cried and cried and cried, so i talked to my agent and we backed out. Jared was not happy at all about it, but my motherly instincts just didn’t feel right about it. We started over! We looked and looked and finally April came around and my due date was April 26th. We were now stressing and I kept asking Jared if we could just parent him and be a family. It just wasn’t going to work out that way unfortunately.

Our agent set us up with two more couples and if that didn’t work out, we had bigger problems. The one couple lived in Springville and didn’t have any children. We emailed the two families on Easter and met on Tuesday after that. When the second couple walked into the room I looked at the tall, dark hair man, and the short, dirty blonde, woman and smiled. I got all these warm fuzzy feelings sitting there talking to them and our hour went by so fast! It was insane! they were the ones! If I had to pick a couple that I wanted as my parents they were the ones. They were so out going and so activate and had the most amazing, caring, loving personalities I have ever met. They made me feel like I could do this. We did the same thing for them, a little bear and a heart beat when we told them they were the ones. They took us out to dinner the next night so we could talk and get to know each other. Then Kaydee wanted to take me to get a pedicure on Friday so when I was in labor I had cute toes to look at. By then I was struggling really bad to walk and had contractions like crazy! Sure enough, that Saturday I went into labor.

I can not even put into words how thankful I am to have such an amazing second family. They are so supportive and so much fun to be around. I love them more than anything and the fact that they are so wiling to meet our needs and do everything to make sure we are comfortable is everything we needed in this. Our son is the most loved little man I have ever met. He loves his parents more than anything and I hope someday he loves me just as well. The fact that I can talk to Kaydee like she is an older sister to me shows how close our relationship is. And same goes for Jared! He is overly relieved to have an amazing adoptive family that we became apart of. If I could I would have another child just to give to them because I think they are such amazing parents to my little man. He has everything, parents that love each other, family members from every corner who would do anything for him. I am blessed to have the life I have. It is a blessing to look at Devin and Kaydee and know that my son is very well taken care of. I wouldn’t change a thing about it! I would do anything for them and I love them more than anything! They are truly rock stars for taking on this responsibility and accepting our son with arms wide open and hearts so full of love. I will never be able to thank them enough!