Each family’s path to adoption is unique. Sometimes couples come to adoption due to infertility and sometimes it is for other reasons. Today, Rachel shares her story of finding the son she knew was meant to join her family, even after having biological children. Hers is a beautiful testament that children sometimes come different ways, but that they find their way to their family.From Rachel:

From the time I was two years old, I knew that someday I would adopt. I’m not sure where it came from, but the idea was always there. When I was sixteen, I started having dreams about an African American little boy. Actually, sometimes he was a little boy, and sometimes he was a man, but in those dreams I was always his mother. They made such an impression on me that I wrote about them in my journal and throughout the years I could always recall the feeling of unconditional love I felt for him. In my heart, I knew I was supposed to find him.

I grew up, got married, and had four children pretty quickly. With the birth of my fourth, I had some severe complications that ended my ability to have any more. But, that day, as my husband and I held our new baby, we both felt very strongly that we were not done having children. I knew that the time had come for us to find that little boy.

We were terrified and didn’t know how or where to begin. It took five years, and a lot of faith, prayer, and research into Foster Care, International Adoption, and Domestic Adoption, but one day in early 2012, I woke up in a panic and knew we had to get our Home Study done and get ready. Even though I thought I knew who was supposed to join our family, I was hesitant to specify a race or gender on any of our paperwork. I wanted to let things play out as they were supposed to.

In May of 2012 we were matched up with a situation that felt good, despite the fact that the baby was not African American. But sadly, in July that situation fell apart. Our attorney was great to work with us and in September we got an email that we had been chosen to be the parents of an African American baby boy who was due that November. We were so excited! I couldn’t believe that we had actually found him. One night, about a week before he was due, I couldn’t sleep. I was excited and nervous about his birth and all the changes it would bring to our family. As I knelt and prayed for peace, I felt prompted to look in my old journals and read over the dreams I had about him. I opened my old journal to find an envelope that I did not recognize. I pulled out the letter inside and saw that it was dated 1995. It was a letter to him. Some where along the way, I had written a letter to that little boy in my dreams. I had no recollection of ever writing that letter, but there it was. These words stood out and brought tears to my eyes,

“I hope you realize how important you must be, and that you must have some definite purpose in my family, and on this earth…. I hope you know how much I love you, and have loved you, even years before your birth.”

I was in shock. I had written those words to him seventeen years before he was born, and now he was on his way to me. On a side note, after he was born and I was looking back over the events leading up to his birth, I realized that the month in 2012 when I woke up and felt the urgency to get our home study done was the month that our son was actually conceived. Things like that don’t happen by chance. Those amazing experiences, along with many other things that happened along the way, showed me that God was in charge of our adoption.

Our son is now almost two and has been the most amazing blessing to come to our family. We have an open adoption with his birth mother, though she comes and goes as she needs to. I love her with all of my heart and hope that someday she will be at a place where she will want more contact.

Last year, I started to have the feeling that there was one more child for our family. I fought the idea for many months, not because I didn’t want another, but because I felt so guilty about trying to adopt a sixth child, and because I wasn’t sure I could handle the emotional roller coaster of “waiting” again. But, the feeling persisted, and has gotten stronger, so here we are for a second time. We are trying to remember all the awesome lessons we learned the first time around about the Lord’s Timing, Faith, and Patience as we wait to see what the future holds. We are so excited to find our last child, to love another birth mother and her family, and to have another beautiful adoption story to tell.


To learn more about Rachel and her family, visit their adoption blog atwww.ourcircleisntcomplete.blogspot.com or their Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/troyandracheladopt