10518686_741207389283066_3772866289711420020_nHappy National Adoption Month!! We are kicking it off with an incredible adoption story by Chad and Angie. After a lot of trials and difficulties, they were able to adopt their sweet little girl. They share the journey it was getting to that point. Theirs is a story that helps remind us that when you adopt, you are looking for your baby- not just any baby!

From Angie:

Chad and I were married in 1999 and shortly after in 2001 we had our first son followed by our second son a short 18 months later. The boys kept us busy and we were very content with our life and our little family of four. Shortly after our oldest turned three he was diagnosed with a severe rare seizure disorder that eventually took his life at the young age of 5. This was definitely the hardest thing our little family ever had gone through but relying on the strength of family and friends and our faith in the Lord made us stronger as individuals, as a couple, and as a family.

Just before C passed away we decided it was time to try and add another little one to our family. We tried on and off for about 2 years without any success. I read an article on adoption from the viewpoints of birth parents, birth grand-parents, and adopted child, and some adoptive parents. I was in tears and overwhelmed with a strong knowledge that we were to adopt our next child. This was something that we had never even considered. We were in the middle of some intense fertility treatments and procedures. We
continued them but deep down I knew they wouldn’t work because for some reason we were supposed to adopt.

Then about a year later Chad surprised me by calling me and said he too felt strongly that we were to adopt and he had gone over to the agency and picked up the paperwork so we could get started.
We met with our caseworker and she informed us that the “time frame” for each adoption varied but many took a while. We knew that this is what we were supposed to do and so naturally it
would happen in a quick fashion. Well, after we were approved we had a few leads that didn’t amount to anything until about 4 months later when we were told a couple was considering us and wanted to meet with us. We hit it off with this couple. We loved them like our own kids and couldn’t imagine the decisions they were being faced with. We went to dinner with them, gave them gifts and anticipated this little girl being born. Needless to say after being asked to be
there for the delivery and spending many hours in the NICU with the baby and the birth parents, they changed their minds the day they were suppose to sign the relinquishment documents.

We were devastated and heartbroken once again. Not only for ourselves but for our 8 year old who so desperately wanted another sibling. After a few days our profile was put back into the “pool” for birthparents to view. About a month later we were contacted by a family friend with a potential birth mother. She was also expecting
a girl and we enjoyed our contact with her. Things were moving along well when about 4 weeks before she was due we got the news that she had lost the baby. Again, we were heartbroken
and very discouraged. We still knew we were suppose to adopt, and were constantly comforted by our faith and knowledge that Heavenly Father knew what was best for us and would help us find our child, but this was such a hard road to take and we weren’t sure how much more we could handle. We decided that the best thing to do would be to just keep going about our daily lives and something would work out.

Four weeks later and two days short of a year from when we were approved to adopt, we got a phone call from our caseworker who told us there had been a little girl unexpectedly born (her birth mother didn’t know she was pregnant) and asked if we would be willing to adopt a full polynesian baby. We were excited but did not get our hopes up, especially when she told us she would be showing 20 different profiles to this birthmother. This time we didn’t tell our family or our son in case it didn’t work out. But, deep down it felt different and I knew we had found our little girl.

The next day our son was baptized and after his baptism we had a family luncheon. At the end of the luncheon when everyone was getting ready to leave we got the call saying that the
birth-mother had chosen us and we were to be to the agency a couple hours later to sign the papers. First thing the next morning we went to the Hospital and watched our daughter’s birthmother
get into her car and leave. She wanted an open adoption but because of the shock of everything wanted to wait a few months before meeting us. We then walked into the hospital
and met our beautiful baby girl and took her home with us.

Everything happened EXACTLY the way that was best for us and we were again reminded that a higher power was in charge and
knew more than we did and helped us find our baby girl. We met our daughter’s birthmother 6 months later and loved her from the moment we met her. I have a great connection with her. We have totally left the amount of “openness” up to her and are so grateful when we see or hear from her.

When we started this adoption journey we only knew a few people that had been affected by adoption. We now have been blessed to know several people and to have been able to even help a few on their own journeys of adoption. It has been 4 years since our little girl joined our family and we still couldn’t be happier. She brings so much joy and happiness to our family and even though her big brother is now 12 he is so good with her and we couldn’t imagine our lives without her. We feel so blessed and grateful to be a part of the amazing world of ADOPTION!