Hopeful Family Spotlight: Taylor and Carolyn

Whether it’s words from our lips or winks in our eyes, whether it’s a memory we chuckle about or a fun moment together, these things all describe our home—a place of love and laughter and we can’t wait for our next addition.

Taylor—a hard worker with an accounting degree—works for a very strong company he will be a part of for years to come. Carolyn—a gifted individual with such talents as creating wedding cakes with her culinary arts degree—primarily sees her future as the loving mother in a fun filled family. While we find ourselves participating in sports and games, building friendships with those around, and events of various kinds, family and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are the center of our lives and will be forever.

We’re approaching five years of our amazing marriage and are eager to add children to our home. We anxiously wait to become acquainted with you. Please contact us.

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