Today, another divinely led adoption story. Thanks to Brandon and Rachael for sharing Maya’s adoption story with us!

From Rachael:

We were approved for adoption and our adoption profile first went live in April of 2012, and here it was the beginning of April 2013. The year had gone by so slowly (at times) when it came to the ‘waiting game’ of adoption. We had a couple of failed opportunities within that year and despite that we were in a good place. We met with our case worker to update our home study and discuss what else we could update on our profile, then one week later I was at work and I got a phone call from our case worker telling me that she was about to “rock our world”, that we had a big decision to make and we had to make it quickly. She told us that there was a baby girl born a week prior in Michigan, her birth mother had chosen to place her baby girl with us and needed to place quickly. So, if we were interested we’d have to drop everything and hop on a plane to Michigan to (hopefully) have this beautiful baby placed into our arms. We were also informed of was some risk involved -we needed to take in to consideration this sweet baby could be placed with us, but there was also a possibility she may not be placed with us. I called Brandon and could hardly finish telling him before he was saying, “Do you feel that, this is right – we have to go!” I was so nervous but a warm/peaceful feeling washed over me, confirmation it was right! So, with our bags backed and hearts full of faith we hopped on a plane the next morning with the one baby item we owned – my diaper bag, a gift from my husband for Christmas and filled that night before we left with baby essentials from my mom. We flew to Michigan not knowing if we would come home with this baby – no pictures, not a lot of other info, but we were on our way!

We arrived in Michigan that night and we got a phone call asking if we would like to meet the baby girl we might get. That quiet little meeting at 10:00pm in our hotel room lobby was precious! We fell in love right away and (again) we felt comforted and warm. We got to change her diaper, feed her, and try to memorize every part of that perfect little face, long fingers, darling ears, and silky black hair before they had to leave.

After the meeting, we ran to the store to buy a car seat hoping we could fill it with this beautiful baby girl soon! There were no car seats with pink on them in sight! I was in a panic, we needed PINK, and this beautiful baby girl needed PINK! We searched every aisle in the baby department and I was about to give in to a ‘un-girly’ car seat when my handsome knight in shining armor found it – a perfectly pink polka dotted car seat! LOL! Once we got back to our hotel room, we surprisingly slept well that night.

The next morning we went to the adoption agency and spent a few hours with our Michigan case worker discussing the situation and filling out paperwork. While there, the adoption agent told us a little more about the birth mother. We were told that she had narrowed her search to three couples and finally decided on one couple who lived closer than the other two of us because they had the least distance to travel (we had the most). The case worker told her that any of the couples are willing to travel, and that it is her heart that needs to choose. We were told that she then said that if it’s her heart that decides, she chooses us. We are forever grateful to this amazing woman for letting her heart choose us and knowing without a doubt it was us – she will always and forever be held in the highest regard in our family! She made the choice to have the adoption closed. We respect her decision and are hopeful and prayerful that we can someday contact and meet this incredible woman. We were then given the opportunity to name this sweet babe, we named her Maya Bessie. Maya, after Maya Angelou and Bessie, after Brandon’s grandma.

Then we were told that ‘our’ baby is on her way! Whoa!!!! We were DYING! It was a surreal experience waiting for her to arrive!! When she was placed into our arms we were in heaven, literally in heaven – we felt angels round about us! Heaven!! Brandon got the PINK car seat and our wonderful case worker kindly showed us how to attach the base in our car, how to set it up, and how to put our sweet baby in the car seat. Driving back to the hotel was unbelievable! With every squeak or sound she made, Brandon and I would just look wide-eyed at each other smiling … beaming!

We spent a heavenly 2 ½ weeks in Michigan as our little family of three before we got the ok to come home! We spent much of our time on the phone, face-time, texting family, snuggling, and quiet moments learning how to be mom and dad. We were blessed to finalize our daughter’s adoption 6 months later.

Maya will be 2 years old in April! She is happy, healthy, and oh so fun! We are currently hoping to adopt again and are grateful to work with Utah Adoption Specialists!

You can find our adoption profile here: https://www.itsaboutlove.org/…/prof…/32746647/ourMessage.jsf
You can check out our blog here: brandonlovesrachael.blogspot.com
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