›A private placement is one facilitated by an attorney instead of an adoption agency. A social worker or outside group will provide your home study and should work closely with your attorney to help the adoption run smoothly.

The ›typical cost in Utah is $3000-$10,000 depending on the specifics of your placement. Utah Adoption Specialists has a great list of referrals for attorneys if you’d like it. We have met with many attorneys throughout the state, county by county, and have a good list of those we feel are competent in adoption and reasonably priced.

PROS to Private Adoption:

  • ›Typically much more cost effective
  • ›You get to form the relationship with the birth parents on your own
  • ›With the help of a social worker & attorney, you can get the same services for yourselves (casework) and for your birth parents (counseling) as with an agency
  • ›Your study can be released to multiple different entities/avenues at once to help you find your baby

CONS to Private Adoption:

  • ›Often longer waiting times
  • ›Requires you to be very active in your own adoption- you should use many forms of networking, including word-of-mouth, social media, profile hosting websites, pass-along cards, etc. (Not necessarily a con– just may seem that way at first!)
  • ›You may hear about a lot more potential situations because everyone wants to help. It may feel like your emotions are on the line more often versus with an agency that does a lot of the screening of expectant parents for you

Advocating for Yourselves in Private Adoptions:

›TALK about the fact that you are adopting. Tell your family, friends, neighbors, church members, co-workers, school mates, etc. The more people who know about your plans to adopt, the more people who will keep you in mind when they hear of an expectant mom considering adoption. MANY adoptions happen through word of mouth!

›Use Social Media-Make a blog, instagram, Facebook page, etc. to tell people that you are adopting. Include basic information about yourselves and your birth parent letter and then update regularly, so expectant parents can see you in “real life” too.  There are MANY adoption success stories that happened because of social media.

›Use Pass- Along cards: Business cards made with your picture, contact info, and profile/blog links. Get creative in where you pass these out. Put them in your Christmas letter, have friends who own businesses keep a stack by the register, hand them out at the grocery store, give some to your doctor, etc. There are also many success stories from pass-along cards.

Use Profile Hosting Websites. Your UAS caseworker can help you determine which sites are a good fit for you and help you navigate that process.

If you’ve had a private adoption success story, tell us about it! How did you connect to your child’s birth parents?