For the last post in our series on adoption options, we’ll explore a little bit about international adoption!

›There are an estimated 153 million orphans worldwide

International adoption cost: $25,000-$50,000 + (depending on country and program you choose)


›There are millions of children ready and waiting for a family throughout the world

›Shorter wait times (sometimes)

›You can help a child who may have zero resources for life after the orphanage


›High cost


›Each country has different rules and regulations surrounding the adoption of their children

›Long and complicated process requiring potential adoptive parents to be extremely flexible

›Hardly any babies to adopt

›Children adopted from other countries face additional losses of language, culture, and being surrounded by people of their ethnicity

›Institutionalized children often have a higher risk of having attachment problems from never having a consistent caregiver

›Developmental delays are common for institutionalized children

You’ll likely have a ›lack of knowledge of the background, medical history, etc. of your child


With all those cons, why would anyone consider international adoption?? The short answer is because many people feel it is right for their family and despite the challenges, you have an opportunity to save a child’s life and provide them with something an orphanage never can- a family.

Resources for families considering international adoption: (this site will allow you to find out which countries are currently processing adoptions, the statistics for that country, whether they are Hague or non Hague, etc.) It will also list all accredited agencies (this site hosts profiles of waiting children with Down Syndrome, many of whom have grants available to help with their adoption) (Lots of waiting children profiles as well as information and resources)

Excellent books to consider if you are thinking about international adoption:

Parenting the Hurt Child by Gregory Keck

The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis

The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog by Bruce Perry


There is an upcoming seminar to be held about international adoption on March 26 in Centerville. Two families who have adopted internationally will share their stories and West Sands, Premier, and Wastach agencies will be there to talk about their international programs! We hope to see you there!