We love all adoption stories, but this one is just extra miraculous. Thank you to the E family for sharing how their newest addition(s) came into their family. Their story is a testament that families are built in different ways and that love builds a family!

From Sarah:

I met our little Rocky’s birth mom about a year ago (before either of us were pregnant). We had prayerfully decided that we wanted to adopt again (at some point) and knew that it might take years to find our son or daughter. I made an adoption blog and started sharing it with friends and family. Rockwell’s birth mom Merita saw our blog (on a Samoan Facebook page… Our oldest son was also adopted and is Samoan) and added me as a friend on Facebook. She messaged me and said she thought our family was beautiful and she would keep her ears open for us. Merita and I became friends instantly. About this time we also started going to our fertility doctor again (unsure of which way our family would grow).
A few months later Merita messaged me to tell me she was pregnant, and to both our surprise, I was as well (and due 2 days before her). We talked throughout our pregnancies and built a great friendship.
Last fall, Merita’s circumstances suddenly and drastically changed. She asked me if we wanted to adopt her baby and I told her we would love to but explained to her that it was almost impossible to adopt a child born in Western Samoa (a child must be classified an orphan to be adopted from Western Samoa). We continued to talk and build our friendship.
In January, Merita told me she wanted us to adopt her baby and that she would travel to American Samoa (even though she did not know anyone there) so that we could. We were shocked and overwhelmed with joy!
Merita traveled to American Samoa without knowing anyone there and without a place to stay (neither one of us knew anyone and they don’t post places to stay on the internet there). She was able to find an apartment (after staying in a hotel for a couple of days) and get established with a doctor there. A couple of weeks before our son was born, my husband’s step mom (who is also Samoan) called and said that a friend of a friend was a Relief Society President there and was willing to help us out. We arranged for Merita to meet with this lady (Mina) and they quickly found out they were related (Merita’s late mother was first cousins with Mina)! Mina invited Merita to come live with her family. Merita lived there until our son Rockwell was born on March 19th (our biological daughter was born only 11 hours before him)!
After Rocky was born, Mina helped Merita get around town and complete all of the necessary paperwork. Also, at this time, Merita’s 4 other children came over from Western Samoa to spend a couple of weeks with their new little brother.
Mina was appointed temporary guardian of Rocky and they arrived last Tuesday night (after a 17 hour trip)!
I have never actually met Merita is person but we look forward to meeting one another someday! We are also excited for Rocky to get to know his birth family as he gets older (they are wonderful people)! We are so appreciative of Merita and the sacrifices she has made for us. We are so in love with Rockwell and grateful that she chose to entrust us with this little life!
He has been home almost a week and is adjusting well. Our boys love talking to him and snuggling him! Things are a little busy around here with 4 kids 2 and under but we wouldn’t have it any other way!