We love to be involved in community events and outreach! We try to be very active in educating about adoption, promoting adoption related events, and giving back when we can. We have a few wonderful events coming up and we hope you will join us! There is something so enriching about getting out and meeting others in this wonderful adoption community.

First, THIS Friday, June 5, we have our Adoptive Parent Monthly Support Group. It is from 7:00-8:30 in Provo at the Provo Library and we have a foster care panel for our topic this time! It is going to be really incredible to hear from various families who have adopted from the foster care system. If you’ve ever thought about foster to adopt or wondered if foster care was doable for you, please come. Even if you haven’t ever thought foster care would be a possibility for you, you may still learn something! We’d love to see you. As always, desserts will be served (And hey, if you want to bring a dessert to share, we’d love that! Our board couples usually end up carrying the bulk of this responsibility and we’d love to lighten their load! Let us know if you plan on bringing something!)



Second, we know we have talked about the training classes before, but they are worth mentioning again! June 12 & 13 in Salt Lake City! We seem to be tooting our own horn a lot with how great these classes are, so instead of us doing it, how about hearing from some of the couples that came last time??

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Yes. See, they are WELL worth it! Worried about the cost? If that’s what is holding you back from coming, email us. We’d love to see what we can do to help you out.

SIGN UP HERE: https://adoption-education-and-training.simpletix.com

Finally, we at UAS feel it is important to give back when we can. We did a home study giveaway last year at this time and want to continue the tradition this year. We have teamed with the One More Loved Foundation this year for our giveaway. We love this foundation and their mission and goals. These ladies are all adoptive moms who give of their time and resources freely to help couples afford adoption. We are in awe of all they do, so they are a perfect fit for UAS to join forces with for this awesome giveaway. The best part is that the giveaway serves a dual purpose in that it is also raising funds for One More Loved that can then benefit yet another family hoping to adopt! Pretty great, right?



From the One More Loved Foundation on how it works:

For each donation of $20 gifted to One More Loved Foundation through PayPal to onemorelovedfoundation@gmail.com, you will receive 1 entry into the Giveaway Drawing!!! In the comments of your donation write “Home Study Giveaway”.

You can enter as many times as you want!!

-If you ALREADY HAVE a current Home Study, DON’T worry, they’ve got you covered as well!!!!!!
***Utah Adoption Specialists has agreed to make this offer good for 1 Home Study fee or the equivalent value to go towards a Home Study update and/or post placement visits!!!
ALSO… This will expire in ONE YEAR, in June of 2016.***

We will keep the giveaway open until Monday June 15th 5:00pm MST and we will announce the winner on Wednesday June 17th at 7:00pm MST.

Please SHARE and spread the word… This is an incredible deal!!!
***All of the money raised will go towards the next grant offered by One More Loved Foundation!!!***

Ready? Set? GO!!!

What do you have to lose?! $20 to possibly win a home study that normally costs $700? We are excited to see who wins!

Happy June, all!