We know you have a lot of options when it comes to adoption services in the state of Utah. So why choose Utah Adoption Specialists for your home study and other adoption needs? Well, we’ll tell you!

Here are just a few things that set us apart:

  • Each member of our team has at least 7 years experience working in the adoption field and we are passionate about what we do. We have professional and personal experience in domestic adoption, international adoption, and foster care.
  • We provide free casework services to adoptive couples who complete their home study or home study update through us. What does this mean? It means we hold your hand through every step of the process. Do you need someone to help you build your profile? Or someone to provide feedback on your birth parent letter? Do you need someone to help you figure out how to respond to an email from an expectant parent? Would you feel more comfortable if your caseworker went to a face to face meeting with an expectant parent with you? ALL of that, plus anything else you need, is included in your $700 home study fee. Ask around to the other home study providers and you will find that most will charge you an hourly rate for these kinds of services. You can’t underestimate the value of having someone help and guide you through the adoption process without having to worry about what it is going to cost you.
  • We offer an expedited home study process. If you need a home study done in a short amount of time, including in a matter of days, we can help you with that.
  • We write professional and thorough home studies, but we also pride ourselves in getting your product to you in a reasonable amount of time, within a week of your final interview.
  • We provide a full range of birth parent services. Everything your birth parent can get through an agency, they can get through UAS or be connected to in the community. We offer birth parent counseling, birth parent expense management, and peer-to-peer support. We can also be court appointed to take your birth parent’s relinquishment.
  • Speaking of birth parent counseling, we offer counseling at the low cost of $70/hr OR we also offer an all inclusive counseling fee of $700. Your birth parent(s) can get all the counseling they need during their pregnancy and for up to 6 months post placement and you won’t pay more than $700.
  • We offer international home studies for the lowest rate in the state!
  • Home study updates, whether it is an annual update, or updating a home study that has been used for a previous adoption (less than 5 years old) are done for the low cost of $250
  • We offer a free adoptive parent monthly support group. We think connecting you with other adoptive families and providing education without making you worry about what it is going to cost is important. All couples are welcome to this support group, whether they are UAS clients or not. We love adoption and want to help support and educate in any way we can.
  • Last, but not least, UAS covers the state! We have traveled to Vernal for home studies and have a caseworker in St. George and a brand new one in Logan (introduction to her coming!) We are happy to travel to wherever you or your birth parents are to help you in the process.

When you are deciding which company to use for your adoption services, we’d love for you to compare our services to those of other companies. We think you will find Utah Adoption Specialists competent, professional, and affordable!