IMG_4315Congratulations to Ben and Jen on the addition of their sweet new baby, William.

A few words from Jen on their adoption story and finding their baby:

Ben and I had been married just about a year when we went through two miscarriages. Being that we are in our thirties, we both felt that we should seek a specialist. We went to a fertility specialist and after doing tests, he mentioned we had Pre-Ovarian Failure. We knew we should seek out adoption right away.

We went to an adoption training and loved it! We really learned a lot about all aspects of adoption. A couple months later, we had moved into our new home and that also meant that we could complete our home study visit just shortly after getting settled. We had decided on a private adoption. We had our name on, had a blog up, and shared our story on Facebook.

We had decided to travel while waiting to be matched. And travel we did. We had met with or spoken to about 5 different expectant mothers. After just a couple of months, we had contact with an expectant mother that said she was interested in us. We had contact with her for about 6 months. However, she would never follow through with paperwork. Her baby was due in a few weeks, but we decided to go on a trip to Pennsylvania. While there, we got a call and spoke to a different expectant grandmother. This baby was due at the same time as the other one. The day we came home from our trip, we met the expectant mother and her family. We knew instantly that this was the family! They knew as well.

A week later, our baby boy William was born. We hope to continue to have an open adoption. We are full of gratitude toward our son’s birth family. We are so grateful for open adoptions. We are grateful for Utah Adoption Specialists too and all they helped with.