Today we get to hear from the least heard voice in the adoption triad, the adoptee!

Thank you Teri, for sharing your story!


My name is Teri and I am an adopted identical twin. We were placed with our parents in a closed adoption. I grew up wondering what was wrong with me that my birthmother didn’t want me, or what kind of a person doesn’t want their own kids? As I matured, participated in birth experiences as a nurse, and especially after I had my own children I realized that none of that was true. It was probably the hardest decision my birthmother ever made to place two babies in the hands of another to raise. I have many lingering feelings of abandonment that have helped shape who I am today and which I am working through. I now hold a great amount of respect for the woman I have never met who chose to give me a chance at a different life. I know she must’ve loved me a lot to be able to make that choice.

I have always felt I was part of the family I was meant to be a part of. My sister and I grew up with parents that had waited a long time for a child and were blessed with two. My parents raised us with comforts and opportunities that we likely would not have had otherwise. I was placed with a family that allowed me to stay with my twin sister and I am forever glad that we weren’t split up as I think I would’ve felt like half of me was missing. Most of all my parents have given us love.

For me more than anything adoption is about L-O-V-E! I takes an immense amount of love to make the decision to place a baby in another’s arms to raise and it takes an immense amount of love to raise a child.