One of our dear adoptive couples, the M family, adopted sweet little D two months ago. His mama wrote these words about the beauty of his adoption and how his two families make a whole:

“This boy has taught me so much already. I hope he always knows how amazing he is, and knows the amount of love we have for him is immeasurable. So many people have already said things like, ‘How could she give him away?’. If you’re not in the adoption world, you may not quite understand (and that’s okay, I didn’t either for a bit). But D’s birth mama loves him something fierce. That is why she PLACED him gently into our care. I am not going to go into details, because they’re her details. But she is wonderful and together we make his family. One of us is not better than the other, and he is the connection we will love together and share forever. His smile makes me weak, and his big hands tell me how big his heart is going to be. There have been many grateful tears over this boy.”

THIS is the beauty of adoption! Thank you for sharing, M family.