At Utah Adoption Specialists, we believe that adoptive families need open access to ongoing support from their caseworker.

Casework should not come at an additional cost! When adoptive parents are worried how much it will cost to call their caseworker, they might hesitate to seek guidance when it could be helpful. Utah Adoption Specialists includes the cost of casework services in our fees for home studies and updates, so clients can feel comfortable reaching out for whatever they may need.

Caseworkers can assist clients with any support or questions they may have.
– Reviewing drafts of profiles and letters
– Helping respond to expectant parent emails
– Attending face to face meetings with expectant parents
– Navigating open adoption relationships
– Vetting for scammers
– Pregnancy verifications for expectant parent contacts
– Emotional support during your wait
– Finding ideas
– Answering questions about adoption paths (foster care vs. private adoption vs. agency adoption vs. international adoption)
– Consultation and support any time for any reason!

Contact us today to start building your relationship with your caseworker!