Placed: May 2019

5 of our lovely couples received placements in May. Congratulations to the following families!

The D family, placed privately with baby Justin
The J family, placed privately with 10 month old Lucas
The G family, placed privately with baby Avery
The S family, placed privately with baby Indie
The B family, placed privately with baby Callum (joining big sister Quinley, also placed privately 5 months ago!)

These beautiful families were built through the courageous sacrifice and love of equally beautiful birth families. Birth parents are heroes and we honor the love they have for their children.

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April Placements!

Congratulations to the following three families, who had placements in April!

The D family adopted darling Sawyer through an agency
The E family adopted sweet baby Hamilton also through an agency
The S family adopted beautiful baby Elsie through private adoption

We are grateful for the thoughtful sacrifice of birth parents who selflessly choose adoption for their babies. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult transition time!

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Congratulations! Placed Couples: March 2019

The O family with baby Brantlee, placed through private adoption
The H family placed with baby Ezra through agency adoption
The O family with baby twins Isaac and Lucas, placed through private adoption!
The L family, placed with baby Taka through private adoption
The S family, placed with baby Norah through private adoption
The B family, placed with baby Avery through agency adoption

Congratulations to each of these special families! We are so grateful to be part of such an amazing and wonderful process, made possible only by the love and bravery of birth parents. We honor their sacrifice and choices they make to place their babies for adoption!

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Congratulations! Placed Couples January 2019

Congratulations to the following families who were placed with precious little ones this past month!

The C family, placed with a baby boy through an agency
The B family, placed with a baby boy through private adoption
The H family, placed with a baby boy through private adoption
The S family, placed with a baby girl through private adoption
And, the O family, who may look familiar from last month 🙂 They were placed with a second baby boy through private adoption!
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New Additions: December

Congratulations to the following lovely families who added new additions to their families in December. What a wonderful month to celebrate such special gifts. Each of these children were placed lovingly into their families by selfless and caring birth parents and we honor their love and sacrifice.

What a busy and wonderful month for these families! Congratulations to each of you. Thank you for allowing us the honor of being a part of your stories.

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Congratulations! Placed couples November 2018

This month, we celebrated with six families as they had beautiful little ones join their families. Our thoughts and utmost respect are with the birth families who chose the difficult path of adoption for their sweet children.

Congratulations to the following:







Congratulations to each of you! We love sharing your joy with you!

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Placed Couples- October 2018

Congratulations to the following beautiful couples who added to their families through adoption this month! We honor the brave sacrifice of these sweet babies’ birth families who created these wonderful family bonds.




Congratulations to all!

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Adoption Profiles: How to Make Yourself Shine!

When starting your adoption journey, there are a lot of new things to learn about and undertake. In addition to completing all the paperwork for the home study, you also need to start thinking about how to build an adoption profile and what information you are going to include there. We know that all of this can be overwhelming! All UAS clients can access their caseworker anytime for tips and feedback on their profiles, but we have a new resource we want to introduce you to as well.

Meet Pax:

Pax is a UAS client who happens to be next-door neighbors with our caseworker Lauren. After her own struggle with family building and being overwhelmed with the cost of agency adoptions, Pax turned to Lauren for education on private adoption. She learned that it is all about networking, profile building, and social media exposure. She took the basics to heart and magnified them to building a successful blog, Facebook page, and Instagram page. Through her networking efforts, Pax and her husband were able adopt three children privately in just over a year’s time!

Now, Pax is utilizing her skills to help YOU have success with online networking to assist in your journey toward a private adoption. Pax has started a free Facebook group,  This is You: Adoption Profiles That Show Who You Are, where she is providing weekly tips and profile feedback. In addition, she is offering three different packages at varying rates to help people on a one-on-one basis to make your profiles stand out. These are explained more on the Facebook page.

We encourage all of our clients to […]

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Congratulations! Placed Couples: September

It has been another busy month for our wonderful families. Congratulations to the following, who were placed with precious little ones into their families this month. It was apparently a month for baby boys to join the world (and one sweet little girl!) As always, we acknowledge the sweet bravery of the birth parents who chose adoption for their babies.

We are regularly asked how our families receive placements. The majority are through private adoptions, and this month, each of our families was placed with privately!





Congratulations to these sweet couples!!

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Positive Adoption Language

Adoption is a beautiful thing that has touched the lives of many people in a very positive way. How we talk about adoption is important. The language we use can have a significant effect on how others think and feel about adoption. The words we choose to use when talking about adoption can paint adoption as either a positive or negative thing.

Often, we may not even realize that the terms we use when talking about adoption are negative or inappropriate.  Just by making a few simple changes in our adoption vocabulary, we can paint a more positive view of adoption and the people involved in it. We can also help to dispel common adoption myths by using appropriate adoption language, thus creating a more positive view of adoption in general. Here are some ideas to help you replace negative adoption language with positive adoption language.

A common myth is that expectant parents who choose an adoption plan for their child do so because they “don’t want” the child. This is far from the truth. Expectant parents who chose adoption love their child and put a lot of thought into the decision. Using phrases such as “made an adoption plan”, “chose adoption”, and “placed their child for adoption” convey the message that the decision was made thoughtfully and lovingly. Saying things like “gave up”, “put up for adoption”, or “adopted out” imply that no thought or love were involved in the decision.
Terms to avoid: gave up, gave away, put up, abandoned, adopted out
Use these terms instead:
placed, made an adoption plan, chose adoption

Another common mistake in adoption language is to refer to the biological or birth parents as the “real parents.” This implies that adoptive parents […]

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