A Birth Mother’s Story

When couples first start the adoption process, it is normal for them to have misconceptions about birth parents. They may think they are scary or believe stereotypes that birth mothers are all mentally ill or addicted to drugs. Truthfully, most birth mothers are mature, healthy people who have the capacity to make a very, very difficult decision for their babies out of love.  We love to help combat stereotypes when it comes to birth mothers, so today, we wanted to share with you a birth mother’s story in her own words. Melinda has placed two children for adoption and has an open adoption with their family. Read her full story HERE. We are grateful to birth mothers like Melinda who are willing to share their journey publicly in order to help educate others!


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The Beauty of Adoption

One of our dear adoptive couples, the M family, adopted sweet little D two months ago. His mama wrote these words about the beauty of his adoption and how his two families make a whole:

“This boy has taught me so much already. I hope he always knows how amazing he is, and knows the amount of love we have for him is immeasurable. So many people have already said things like, ‘How could she give him away?’. If you’re not in the adoption world, you may not quite understand (and that’s okay, I didn’t either for a bit). But D’s birth mama loves him something fierce. That is why she PLACED him gently into our care. I am not going to go into details, because they’re her details. But she is wonderful and together we make his family. One of us is not better than the other, and he is the connection we will love together and share forever. His smile makes me weak, and his big hands tell me how big his heart is going to be. There have been many grateful tears over this boy.”

THIS is the beauty of adoption! Thank you for sharing, M family.


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Upcoming Birth Parent Panel!

We are excited to present an upcoming Birth Parent Panel with United for Adoption, April 25 at 6 pm at the Layton Library. Please join us for a wonderful evening of education! This event is free and open to anyone interested.

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Utah Adoption Education Classes

We would love to have you join us for our semi-annual adoption education classes! The link to sign up and for more information can be found here:



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Private Adoption: How To Make It Happen For You

Are you wondering how you can make a private adoption happen for you?

Our wonderful N family has successfully completed three private adoptions in just over a year! They put together a blog post about how they made it happen, and we are so excited to share it with all of you hopeful adoptive couples.

Read here for some great advice on how to get the word out there and be proactive in your adoption journey.

Adoption – How Did We Do It?

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Here is our newest flyer with all the support groups coming up until summer 2018!! Groups are held the 2nd Friday of every month at Thanksgiving Point, unless otherwise noted. All the groups are free. We hope you will join us!!

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Utah Adoption Support Group!

Here’s what we have coming up the next few months!



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Adoption Training Classes- August 26 and 27!

Please Join us! Sign up Here: https://adoption-education-and-training.simpletix.com


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Why a Private Home Study?

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to picking a home study provider. Why use a private home study provider versus an agency? Well here are a few pros to this option!

1) Once your home study is complete through Utah Adoption Specialists, it is yours. We release the final copy to you and you can then use it in any number of settings- to get listed on profile hosting websites, for a private adoption, or through any number of agencies! Why lock yourself into one route when you can explore multiple ways at once to build your family?

2) Your caseworker at Utah Adoption Specialists will be there to hold your hand through the duration of the process. Unsure whether private or agency adoption is right for you? We support both routes and can help you look at the pros and cons of both ways. Remember that our casework services are ALWAYS free with your home study. We have compiled a lot of wonderful resources that we are happy to share with our clients, including attorney referral lists, an agency PowerPoint analyzing every agency in Utah, profile building tips, birth parent letter advice, etc.

3) We know that the cost of adoption is a big concern for many. At $700, our home study costs less than if you were to obtain one through most agencies in Utah. Even if you have a specific agency in mind, you can save costs up front by obtaining a private home study and having it released to them. Our caseworkers are fast and efficient at getting the home study to you in a timely manner!

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Free Adoption BBQ in the Park!

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