Adoption and Airplanes

We at Utah Adoption Specialists are committed to help prepare couples to become parents and have a family through adoption.  Sometimes, it may seem like this is not fair!  An adoptive couple goes through a great deal of paperwork; forms to complete, documents to gather and releases of information to complete, adoption education to

attend, and several interviews in preparation to getting your home study completed.  Sometimes, an unaware person assumes that

a “home study” simply means someone comes to see your house to make sure it passes for them to be approved to adopt.  While part of the home study is indeed a lengthy home safety checklist, that is only a small part of the home study summary in the end.  Your home study is an in depth look at your family from several different angles to help your adoption professional understand your readiness to become parents and to adopt.  We send reference letters, and ask others about your strengths and weaknesses, your marriage, your interaction with children and other questions, we get a financial report and a copy of your most recent tax statement.  We get medical reports for each of the parents and any children in the home.  We discuss current and past medical history, mental health history, previous marriage history if applicable.  We want to know who you have selected to be guardians for your children if something happened to you and you were unable to fulfill your responsibilities as parents.  We ask about your parenting methods and how you discipline, do you plan to use corporal punishment?  How do you feel about birth parents?  There are lengthy questionnaires to fill out… a home study can be overwhelming!  We will talk with […]

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Upcoming Events August/September 2018

Has everyone been enjoying their summer as much as we have?! Our free Adoptive Couple Support Groups have been on pause to give everyone a chance to enjoy their summer. But there are a few events to look forward to in the coming months! We are really excited about our upcoming adoption education classes on September 7 & 8! We have an awesome schedule planned with amazing presenters. We are currently running a giveaway for a pair of tickets – hurry on over to our social media pages and get entered if you haven’t, the giveaway ends on Friday (August 10)!

Our Utah County and Northern Utah Adoption Support Groups are both taking a break for August, but are excited to get started back up again in September. The Northern Utah Support Group will be starting things off with a bang with an awesome date night planned for September 14. Mark your calendars now as this is an event you won’t want to miss!

And you’ve all heard of the Utah Infertility Resource Center, right?! They are hosting an LGBTQ Family Building Panel and Provider Meet and Greet on August 29. You can get more information on their Facebook page.

There are also a couple of great opportunities for birth parent support groups in August through Life After Placement (click here for more info) on August 9, and Children’s Service Society (Birth Parent Support Group Flyer 2018) on August 14.

Do you know of any other events supporting adoption this […]

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Placed: July

July was the month of the baby boys! Congratulations to our following families who were placed with babies in July:

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June Placements

Congratulations to our following families who each adopted children in June!




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Who Does This Child Belong To?: Guest post by Lori Bassham

“We should not be asking who this child belongs to, but who belongs to this child.” -James L. Gritter

I’ll lay it out for you. Nice and honest. I felt defensive and threatened when I first started learning about open adoption. But this will be MY child. I will change this baby’s diapers. I will kiss this child’s boo-boos. I will rub this kid’s back when the flu strikes and the vomit flows. I didn’t really want to share. Somewhere along the way, someone told me that open adoption is biblical adoption and somewhere along the way I began to research the effects of open adoption on children and somewhere along the way, my views began to change.

But what would it look like?

Pictures and letters.

It would look like pictures and letters because my child would need the comfort and stability of knowing that we are his family.


You see, I hadn’t met my child yet. And I hadn’t met his mother.

Every circumstance within adoption is unique. Some children are taken by the state for reasons. Some parents are absolutely incapable of raising their kids. Sometimes there is abuse and it is not in the best interest of the child to see his parents. I know this. I am so thankful that isn’t Matthew’s story but I know it’s the story of countless children.

Perhaps, in those situations, open adoption does look like pictures and letters only. And that’s okay. But what’s vital, for our children, is that we do not shame their first family. For in shaming the family, we inadvertently shame the child. In refusing to talk about the first family, we silence the child. In failing to discuss adoption openly and honestly, we express to […]

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Congratulations! May 2018 Placements

We have had a busy month! We would love to congratulate the following families on the placements of their sweet little ones:


CONGRATULATIONS to each of you!! We are so happy for you and your growing families. We are blessed to be able to watch families grow through the beautiful gift of adoption. We honor the selfless and wonderful birth families who chose adoption for their sweet babies.


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Upcoming Events May 2018

There are so many amazing opportunities for education and support for those involved with adoption in Utah!

Here are some upcoming events for May 2018:

Northern Utah Adoptive/Foster Parent Support Group – these groups are always free and you do not have to be a Utah Adoption Specialists client to attend


Utah County Adoptive Parent Support Group – these groups are always free and you do not have to be a Utah Adoption Specialists client to attend


Utah Infertility Resource Center Support Groups


Birth Parent Support Group at Children’s Service Society


Birth Mother’s Day Celebration (sponsored by Life After Placement)


Please feel free to contact us with questions or for more information regarding these events!

April 2018 Placements

We have decided to feature our couples each month who have had placements! In April, three of our lovely families grew through the sacrifice and love of birth families who placed their babies into their arms.

Congratulations to the following: (click on read more to see the whole post)




We are so happy for each of you!!

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A Birth Mother’s Story

When couples first start the adoption process, it is normal for them to have misconceptions about birth parents. They may think they are scary or believe stereotypes that birth mothers are all mentally ill or addicted to drugs. Truthfully, most birth mothers are mature, healthy people who have the capacity to make a very, very difficult decision for their babies out of love.  We love to help combat stereotypes when it comes to birth mothers, so today, we wanted to share with you a birth mother’s story in her own words. Melinda has placed two children for adoption and has an open adoption with their family. Read her full story HERE. We are grateful to birth mothers like Melinda who are willing to share their journey publicly in order to help educate others!


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The Beauty of Adoption

One of our dear adoptive couples, the M family, adopted sweet little D two months ago. His mama wrote these words about the beauty of his adoption and how his two families make a whole:

“This boy has taught me so much already. I hope he always knows how amazing he is, and knows the amount of love we have for him is immeasurable. So many people have already said things like, ‘How could she give him away?’. If you’re not in the adoption world, you may not quite understand (and that’s okay, I didn’t either for a bit). But D’s birth mama loves him something fierce. That is why she PLACED him gently into our care. I am not going to go into details, because they’re her details. But she is wonderful and together we make his family. One of us is not better than the other, and he is the connection we will love together and share forever. His smile makes me weak, and his big hands tell me how big his heart is going to be. There have been many grateful tears over this boy.”

THIS is the beauty of adoption! Thank you for sharing, M family.


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