Utah Adoption Specialists provides international home studies for a competitive rate!

UAS is able to provide adoption home studies for international adoptions once adoptive families have chosen a their intended country, and their international adoption agency. To learn more about the countries with open international adoption programs, please visit adoption.state.gov.

The social workers at UAS are all individually licensed to provide home studies in Utah, and can work in conjunction with your adoption agency as Exempted Providers of international home studies. An exempted provider does not hold Hague accreditation, but your Hague accredited adoption agency can choose to accept an Exempted Provider home study and use it under their own agency license by contracting with your caseworker. Please contact us if you have additional questions on UAS’s Exempted Provider status. We have helped complete international home studies for many Utah families!

International adoption home studies are a variable fee between $950 and $1,250, depending on the complexities of the country you have chosen.