We support both agency and independent adoptions. We can send your home study to any licensed adoption agency, or we can release it to your attorney.

Independent Adoptions

In an independent, or private, adoption you work with an adoption attorney or social worker rather than an adoption agency. A valid home study is still required, and state laws and eligibility rules must still be followed.

You will find expectant parents who wish to place their child with you and will have control of forming a relationship with each other. You will need an attorney or social worker to relinquish the birth parents’ rights and to complete the adoption agreement.

Once your child is in your home, the adoption enters a legally required supervision period, which is typically six months, before finalization occurs in court. During this time, the state requires at least one social worker visit to make sure the placement is suitable.

We can help you through the entire process: your initial consultation and eligibility check, creating your home study, finding and communicating with expectant parents, mediating in-person meetings with birth parents, discussing agreements for post-placement contact, assisting with legal referrals, and conducting the post-placement supervision visits required before finalization.

Agency Adoptions

Adoptive families in Utah can work with local and nationwide adoption agencies. Many agencies require you to find a local social worker to complete your home study and to provide supervision after placement.

Even if you are using an agency that provides their own home studies, a private home study completed by Utah Adoption Specialists may be faster or more affordable.

Domestic Adoption Resources

For more information learn about Open Adoptions, see our Home Study Process or Contact Us.

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