We provide domestic and international home studies for agency or independent adoptions. We walk you through the entire process, from your initial questions to final delivery.

Home Study Process

When you first contact us we will answer any of your questions via phone or email and then send you an Application Packet. This packet includes the application form as well as a full description of our services and eligibility requirements. We ask that you thoroughly review our description of services, sign it, and return it along with the application.  Also included in this packet will be a document, Step by Step Guide to the Home Study Process, which includes a checklist outlining all documents you will be gathering and completing.

Once we receive your completed Application Packet, we will schedule a time to conduct your initial interview over the phone. During this interview we will answer any additional questions and establish your adoption eligibility.

Once you are comfortable moving forward, you may return your home study fee.  Once your fee has been received, your caseworker will send you the Final Packet, which has forms for you, your employers, and your doctors to complete. These documents include employment verifications, medical reports, financial statements, a placement conditions checklist, and questionnaires. We will also ask that you submit copies of documents like your driver’s licenses, tax returns, and birth and marriage certificates.

When all of your paperwork is completed, we will move on to interviews. We interview everyone residing in your home, including each applicant, any roommates, and any children you may have. We will discuss topics including your relationships, your childhood, your physical and mental health, your parenting method, your finances and employment, your family lifestyle, and your adoption expectations. We will also conduct a safety inspection of your home. These interviews are primarily completed in your home, though some may be completed by phone.

After the home visit, we will have enough information to complete your Home Study Summary. Your caseworker will compile all of the information about your family and write up this document over the next few weeks. With a signed release, we can then send this document to an attorney, a child placing agency, a state foster care agency, or profile hosting websites of your choice.

We are always happy to hear your questions.

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