Openness is the amount of contact between an adoptive family and a birth family after placement. We support each unique level of openness, just as we support each unique adoption story.

Openness encompasses the exchange of information between the adoptive family and the birth parents. Openness is a range, with many different levels of contact. Even placements within the same adoptive family may have different levels of openness with the children’s individual birth families.

We believe that all parties in an adoption are best-suited when expectations for openness are clearly discussed and agreed upon before the child is placed.

Benefits of Open Adoptions

Benefits for Your Adopted Child

Openness can help establish a sense of identity and ethnic heritage for your adopted child, and can also help them understand the story behind their adoption. It also increases the number of people who love and care for them in their lives.

Benefits for You

Openness promotes understanding, respect, and compassion for your child’s birth parents and can provide you with important resources to answer your child’s questions. Access to their medical history and other information can make it easier to take better care of your child throughout their life.

Benifits for Your Child’s Birth Family

For birth families, having contact with the adoptive family can promote a sense of peace with their decision and reduce anxiety about how their birth child is doing. It creates a supportive relationship in their life, and allows them to see the development and progress of the child. Openness also allows you to show the birth family a level of respect, thankfulness, and understanding.

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