We consider ourselves partners in your adoption story and take pride in offering you ongoing contact and support, even after your home study is completed.  Never pay hourly for assistance after your study is completed!

We are a team of adoption caseworkers who specialize in the preparation of domestic and international adoption home studies, annual home study updates, post-placement supervision, and birth parent services.

We are committed to providing ongoing contact and assistance while you complete your adoption story, and would never charge you additional fees for our ongoing support. Whether it’s writing a birth parent letter or profile, establishing contact with an expectant parent, creating a plan for openness, or enduring an uncertain wait, the professionals with Utah Adoption Specialists are excited to support you in your journey. Utah Adoption Specialists can also attend and moderate face-to-face visits between our clients and birth parents. These vital casework services are always free!

We are not a child-placing agency. We have a wide support network of referrals for agency-related services, should you need them.

Utah Home Study Pricing

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Domestic Adoption Home Study

Domestic home studies can be used in an independent adoption or by your child-placing agency. Each $750

International Adoption Home Study

International home studies must be used by a licensed international adoption agency. Hague $950-1250
Non-Hague $950

Annual Home Study Updates

Your home study must be updated annually until a placement has occurred. We can also update old home studies that are less than 3 years old.
**Updates to home studies completed initially through UAS will receive a $50 discount.
Each $350

Casework Services

You deserve continued contact, support, and professional hand holding, even after your home study has been written. Always FREE

Utah Post-Placement Supervision Pricing

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Post-Placement Adoption Supervision

Supervision visits are required by law before you can finalize your adoption. Domestic $200 Per Visit
International $250 Per Visit

Birth Parent Services

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Individual counseling for birth parents pre-placement through up to six months post-placement. We provide in-person counseling at a local and comfortable location as often as possible, but may use Skype or a phone call in cases of great distance. Hourly $85
All Inclusive
Post Placement

Birth Parent Relinquishments

Per Utah State Law, in a private adoption a birth parent may relinquish in court or in front of a court appointed commissioner. When your attorney determines it best for birth parents to relinquish in front of a court appointed commissioner, one of our workers can be appointed. We will then coordinate with your attorney to handle all of the relinquishment planning and execution. We will meet your birth parent(s) at the hospital or their chosen location to execute the legal documents. Each $300

Birth Parent Expense Management

Reasonable birth parent expenses may be covered by the adoptive couple during the birth mother’s pregnancy and for her confinement period (6-8 weeks post birth). If your birth parents need living expenses and/or medical expenses paid, Utah Adoption Specialists can help facilitate the payment of expenses and transfer of funds for you in cooperation with your attorney. Hourly $70

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