Adoption Profiles: How to Make Yourself Shine!

When starting your adoption journey, there are a lot of new things to learn about and undertake. In addition to completing all the paperwork for the home study, you also need to start thinking about how to build an adoption profile and what information you are going to include there. We know that all of this can be overwhelming! All UAS clients can access their caseworker anytime for tips and feedback on their profiles, but we have a new resource we want to introduce you to as well.

Meet Pax:

Pax is a UAS client who happens to be next-door neighbors with our caseworker Lauren. After her own struggle with family building and being overwhelmed with the cost of agency adoptions, Pax turned to Lauren for education on private adoption. She learned that it is all about networking, profile building, and social media exposure. She took the basics to heart and magnified them to building a successful blog, Facebook page, and Instagram page. Through her networking efforts, Pax and her husband were able adopt three children privately in just over a year’s time!

Now, Pax is utilizing her skills to help YOU have success with online networking to assist in your journey toward a private adoption. Pax has started a free Facebook group,  This is You: Adoption Profiles That Show Who You Are, where she is providing weekly tips and profile feedback. In addition, she is offering three different packages at varying rates to help people on a one-on-one basis to make your profiles stand out. These are explained more on the Facebook page.

We encourage all of our clients to […]

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Adoption and Airplanes

We at Utah Adoption Specialists are committed to help prepare couples to become parents and have a family through adoption.  Sometimes, it may seem like this is not fair!  An adoptive couple goes through a great deal of paperwork; forms to complete, documents to gather and releases of information to complete, adoption education to

attend, and several interviews in preparation to getting your home study completed.  Sometimes, an unaware person assumes that

a “home study” simply means someone comes to see your house to make sure it passes for them to be approved to adopt.  While part of the home study is indeed a lengthy home safety checklist, that is only a small part of the home study summary in the end.  Your home study is an in depth look at your family from several different angles to help your adoption professional understand your readiness to become parents and to adopt.  We send reference letters, and ask others about your strengths and weaknesses, your marriage, your interaction with children and other questions, we get a financial report and a copy of your most recent tax statement.  We get medical reports for each of the parents and any children in the home.  We discuss current and past medical history, mental health history, previous marriage history if applicable.  We want to know who you have selected to be guardians for your children if something happened to you and you were unable to fulfill your responsibilities as parents.  We ask about your parenting methods and how you discipline, do you plan to use corporal punishment?  How do you feel about birth parents?  There are lengthy questionnaires to fill out… a home study can be overwhelming!  We will talk with […]

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Utah Adoption Support Group!

Here’s what we have coming up the next few months!



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Adoption Training Classes- August 26 and 27!

Please Join us! Sign up Here:


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Birth Parent Panel: May 6

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! These amazing birth parent panels only come around a few times per year! Anyone is welcome to come and see the panel for free. We promise, it’ll change your entire adoption experience for the better! May 23, 6 pm in Layton. Please let us know if you have any questions.



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How to Adopt Without an Agency- An Adoptive Parent Perspective

Our friend Rachel wrote this wonderful article for with tips for how to adopt without an agency! Check it out here:

If you are ready to head that direction, give us a call! We would love to help you have a successful private adoption! Our phone number is 801-900-5770.



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Birth Parent Panel- THIS FRIDAY November 6


Please join us for this FREE community event! All are invited!

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How to Choose an Adoption Attorney- Utah


The topic of choosing an adoption attorney recently came up in an online adoption group and we’d like to give you some things to consider and ask when choosing an adoption attorney.

*First, consider the advice of your agency or social worker. Every social worker who has worked in the field of adoption knows which attorneys are competent to practice adoption law in their area, since we work with them on a regular basis! We have all had interesting experiences in court with attorneys who do not normally practice adoption law. It is best to hire an attorney who knows and is competent in adoptions, even if it does cost a little bit more (And often times, it will cost less!)

*Ask the attorneys you are considering how many adoption cases they handle on an annual basis. Be sure to ask specific questions about cases they have finalized (an easier, straightforward process) and how many they have facilitated without the aid of an agency (private adoptions- a more complicated process.)

*Ask up front what you can expect from your attorney. What are their fees? How soon can you expect them to return phone calls or emails? When will you meet him/her? What is their role, versus the role of the paralegal?

*Speaking of paralegals, get to know them! These are the attorney’s right hand women (or men). You will speak to them often and they will do a lot of the handling of details for you.

*Ask about the attorneys’ relationship with social workers in an independent adoption. Who does what? If the attorney doesn’t have social workers they work with regularly, they may not be doing a lot […]

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Why Choose Utah Adoption Specialists?


We know you have a lot of options when it comes to adoption services in the state of Utah. So why choose Utah Adoption Specialists for your home study and other adoption needs? Well, we’ll tell you!

Here are just a few things that set us apart:

  • Each member of our team has at least 7 years experience working in the adoption field and we are passionate about what we do. We have professional and personal experience in domestic adoption, international adoption, and foster care.
  • We provide free casework services to adoptive couples who complete their home study or home study update through us. What does this mean? It means we hold your hand through every step of the process. Do you need someone to help you build your profile? Or someone to provide feedback on your birth parent letter? Do you need someone to help you figure out how to respond to an email from an expectant parent? Would you feel more comfortable if your caseworker went to a face to face meeting with an expectant parent with you? ALL of that, plus anything else you need, is included in your $700 home study fee. Ask around to the other home study providers and you will find that most will charge you an hourly rate for these kinds of services. You can’t underestimate the value of having someone help and guide you through the adoption process without having to worry about what it is going to cost you.
  • We offer an expedited home study process. If you need a home study done in a short amount of time, including in a matter of days, we can help […]
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Upcoming Events & A Home Study Giveaway!

We love to be involved in community events and outreach! We try to be very active in educating about adoption, promoting adoption related events, and giving back when we can. We have a few wonderful events coming up and we hope you will join us! There is something so enriching about getting out and meeting others in this wonderful adoption community.

First, THIS Friday, June 5, we have our Adoptive Parent Monthly Support Group. It is from 7:00-8:30 in Provo at the Provo Library and we have a foster care panel for our topic this time! It is going to be really incredible to hear from various families who have adopted from the foster care system. If you’ve ever thought about foster to adopt or wondered if foster care was doable for you, please come. Even if you haven’t ever thought foster care would be a possibility for you, you may still learn something! We’d love to see you. As always, desserts will be served (And hey, if you want to bring a dessert to share, we’d love that! Our board couples usually end up carrying the bulk of this responsibility and we’d love to lighten their load! Let us know if you plan on bringing something!)



Second, we know we have talked about the training classes before, but they are worth mentioning again! June 12 & 13 in Salt Lake City! We seem to be tooting our own horn a lot with how great these classes are, so instead of us doing it, how about hearing from some of the couples that came last time??