Congratulations Recent Placements/Finalizations!

We love celebrating our clients’ recent placements and other exciting news!! Here are some of the cute babies who have joined their forever families recently.10428107_1004773489593120_5940250690518817589_nCongratulations to Stacy and Andy on the finalization of sweet Maisy!

1957971_1007100232693779_9092504623143107564_nThe L family had their darling Calvin sealed to them in the LDS Temple!

12924433_1019057794831356_4036830740324846982_nLittle Charlie became a big brother to Miles! Congratulations B Family.


And the A family became a family of three with the addition of little Riley!

13102803_1037504059653396_8054213937040839825_nAnd finally, the A family became a family of four with the addition of precious little Mia.

Congratulations to all and to all others not featured here. We love helping to build families through adoption!


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Placed: Ben and Jen

IMG_4315Congratulations to Ben and Jen on the addition of their sweet new baby, William.

A few words from Jen on their adoption story and finding their baby:

Ben and I had been married just about a year when we went through two miscarriages. Being that we are in our thirties, we both felt that we should seek a specialist. We went to a fertility specialist and after doing tests, he mentioned we had Pre-Ovarian Failure. We knew we should seek out adoption right away.

We went to an adoption training and loved it! We really learned a lot about all aspects of adoption. A couple months later, we had moved into our new home and that also meant that we could complete our home study visit just shortly after getting settled. We had decided on a private adoption. We had our name on, had a blog up, and shared our story on Facebook.

We had decided to travel while waiting to be matched. And travel we did. We had met with or spoken to about 5 different expectant mothers. After just a couple of months, we had contact with an expectant mother that said she was interested in us. We had contact with her for about 6 months. However, she would never follow through with paperwork. Her baby was due in a few weeks, but we decided to go on a trip to Pennsylvania. While there, we got a call and spoke to a different expectant grandmother. This baby was due at the same time as the other one. The day we came home from our trip, we met the expectant mother and her […]

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Positive Adoption Stories: The E Family






We love all adoption stories, but this one is just extra miraculous. Thank you to the E family for sharing how their newest addition(s) came into their family. Their story is a testament that families are built in different ways and that love builds a family!

From Sarah:

I met our little Rocky’s birth mom about a year ago (before either of us were pregnant). We had prayerfully decided that we wanted to adopt again (at some point) and knew that it might take years to find our son or daughter. I made an adoption blog and started sharing it with friends and family. Rockwell’s birth mom Merita saw our blog (on a Samoan Facebook page… Our oldest son was also adopted and is Samoan) and added me as a friend on Facebook. She messaged me and said she thought our family was beautiful and she would keep her ears open for us. Merita and I became friends instantly. About this time we also started going to our fertility doctor again (unsure of which way our family would grow).
A few months later Merita messaged me to tell me she was pregnant, and to both our surprise, I was as well (and due 2 days before her). We talked throughout our pregnancies and built a great friendship.
Last fall, Merita’s circumstances suddenly and drastically changed. She asked me if we wanted to adopt her baby and I told her we would love to but explained to her that it was almost impossible to adopt a child born in Western Samoa (a child must be classified an orphan to […]

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Raising Adopted and Biological Children



We have heard from the amazing Fifita family once before and how their 13 children miraculously came into their family. Today, mom Linda talks about raising biological and adopted children. This is a concern that we hear from some families who will have both. Are there going to be differences? How will it all work out? We are so blessed to have Linda’s insight on this subject:

From Linda:

Conception is truly a miracle! To be able to be the part of a child being born into the world is simply indescribable. It has been our blessing to have been a part of the conception of thirteen children in our family. Four of those children, I was fortunate to be the one who delivered them into this world. For nine of our children, another woman was chosen to be blessed to deliver them. Either way, these children have come into our family and become a part of our eternal lives. Regardless of how God delivered our children to our family, I will eternally be grateful He chose me to be a mother. It was always the desire of my heart and I am so grateful our Heavenly Father allowed me the honor of bearing this title.

I have often been asked if it is “different” raising biological children and adopted children. In some ways I almost want to laugh at the comment. A child is a child. Raising children is raising children. There are, however, many things I have learned in the process of bringing our family together and rearing our children.

Pregnancy and Adoption are both difficult

One of my biggest frustrations is when someone will make the […]

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Sarah & Jared: Infertility


We know that oftentimes, the path to adoption starts with infertility. Infertility is such a difficult thing, and not many are educated on the deep hurt that it can cause for the couples facing it. The latest statistic is that one in eight couples experiences infertility, so the chances are good that you know one, two, three, or more couples facing this battle. Today’s post is a blog post written by Sarah Jeppsen and it shares her deep and vulnerable feelings about their journey with infertility. Sarah will have you laughing and crying throughout the post. We think it’s a must read for anyone and everyone!

A big thank you to Sarah and her husband Jared for allowing us to share their post (and, hey, they are looking to adopt, so browse around their blog a little more and get to know them and share with anyone you know looking to place!)

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Brandon & Rachael: Maya’s Adoption Story


Today, another divinely led adoption story. Thanks to Brandon and Rachael for sharing Maya’s adoption story with us!

From Rachael:

We were approved for adoption and our adoption profile first went live in April of 2012, and here it was the beginning of April 2013. The year had gone by so slowly (at times) when it came to the ‘waiting game’ of adoption. We had a couple of failed opportunities within that year and despite that we were in a good place. We met with our case worker to update our home study and discuss what else we could update on our profile, then one week later I was at work and I got a phone call from our case worker telling me that she was about to “rock our world”, that we had a big decision to make and we had to make it quickly. She told us that there was a baby girl born a week prior in Michigan, her birth mother had chosen to place her baby girl with us and needed to place quickly. So, if we were interested we’d have to drop everything and hop on a plane to Michigan to (hopefully) have this beautiful baby placed into our arms. We were also informed of was some risk involved -we needed to take in to consideration this sweet baby could be placed with us, but there was also a possibility she may not be placed with us. I called Brandon and could hardly finish telling him before he was saying, “Do you feel that, this is right – we have to go!” I was so nervous but a warm/peaceful feeling washed over me, […]

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The Fifitas: Our Miracle Family


From Linda and Richard: Our Miracle Family

I have been asked on many occasions to share the miracle of our family and am grateful for the opportunity to once again be reminded of the Lord’s influence in our family. I pray by sharing our story that it may benefit and encourage those who may need to hear our experiences.

Richard and I met at BYU in 1983 and we married in June 1984. Prior to our marriage, I was informed that it would not be likely that we would have biological children because my body was not functioning correctly. It was a devastating blow to me as being a mother was literally the only career I had ever considered. My faithful husband led me to our patriarchal blessings which promised “sons and daughters” and “men and women.” When we read them, Richard’s response was, “That’s all I need to know.” His faith carried me for many years.

It was through miracle and MANY trials that our four biological children came into our family. Their arrivals into our home are nothing short of miraculous and I can never share their experiences without a feeling of reverence that they were simply “meant for our family.” I have developed a deep sense of gratitude that the Lord chose to allow me to bear and deliver some of His children to this world.

After our fourth biological child, we had two sons and two daughters. It was exactly what the Lord had promised for us and we both felt a deep sense of gratitude that the Lord had provided for us the family He had promised. We felt that our family was […]

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Transracial Adoption: Michael and Kristen’s Story


Have you ever wondered about transracial adoption and if it might work for your family? Here is one family’s experience. Thank you Michael and Kristen for sharing:

After our first daughter turned one, we were anxious to dive back into the adoption process for our second child. We decided to sign up with LDS Family Services. During the first 6 months we had talked to several birthmothers but none of the situations seemed to be sticking, so, we signed up with an online adoption website called ParentProfiles. In less than a month we started corresponding with an African American birthmother in North Carolina who would be having a baby that next month and she wanted us to be the parents of her child.

We were so incredibly excited at the prospect of welcoming another sweet little baby into our home in just a short time. We had come to love this birthmother in just the short time that we had known her. As the weeks went on the reality of it all started to sink in. We started to contemplate walking into the unknown of adopting a baby who would never be mistaken for our biological child. This child would go through challenges that we have never known and we felt like we were walking into a world that we didn’t completely understand. Even with our feelings of inadequacy we still felt that it was right.

A month later we flew to North Carolina even before our daughter was born. This was probably the most risky thing you can do as an adoptive couple, but for some reason we felt totally calm and at peace. It was […]

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Happy National Adoption Month! Chad and Angie’s Story

10518686_741207389283066_3772866289711420020_nHappy National Adoption Month!! We are kicking it off with an incredible adoption story by Chad and Angie. After a lot of trials and difficulties, they were able to adopt their sweet little girl. They share the journey it was getting to that point. Theirs is a story that helps remind us that when you adopt, you are looking for your baby- not just any baby!

From Angie:

Chad and I were married in 1999 and shortly after in 2001 we had our first son followed by our second son a short 18 months later. The boys kept us busy and we were very content with our life and our little family of four. Shortly after our oldest turned three he was diagnosed with a severe rare seizure disorder that eventually took his life at the young age of 5. This was definitely the hardest thing our little family ever had gone through but relying on the strength of family and friends and our faith in the Lord made us stronger as individuals, as a couple, and as a family.

Just before C passed away we decided it was time to try and add another little one to our family. We tried on and off for about 2 years without any success. I read an article on adoption from the viewpoints of birth parents, birth grand-parents, and adopted child, and some adoptive parents. I was in tears and overwhelmed with a strong knowledge that we were to adopt our next child. This was something that we had never even considered. We were in the middle of some intense fertility treatments and procedures. We
continued them but deep down […]

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Adoption after Biological Children

Each family’s path to adoption is unique. Sometimes couples come to adoption due to infertility and sometimes it is for other reasons. Today, Rachel shares her story of finding the son she knew was meant to join her family, even after having biological children. Hers is a beautiful testament that children sometimes come different ways, but that they find their way to their family.From Rachel:

From the time I was two years old, I knew that someday I would adopt. I’m not sure where it came from, but the idea was always there. When I was sixteen, I started having dreams about an African American little boy. Actually, sometimes he was a little boy, and sometimes he was a man, but in those dreams I was always his mother. They made such an impression on me that I wrote about them in my journal and throughout the years I could always recall the feeling of unconditional love I felt for him. In my heart, I knew I was supposed to find him.

I grew up, got married, and had four children pretty quickly. With the birth of my fourth, I had some severe complications that ended my ability to have any more. But, that day, as my husband and I held our new baby, we both felt very strongly that we were not done having children. I knew that the time had come for us to find that little boy.

We were terrified and didn’t know how or where to begin. It took five years, and a lot of faith, prayer, and research into Foster Care, International Adoption, […]

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