A Birth Mother’s Story: Krychele

Another beautiful birth mother’s story today! Thank you Krychele, for sharing your heart.

“Cora was never meant for me. She was always a Katoa. I just had to bring her into the world so she could be with her family. I was simply the middle man. They needed me, but i needed them even more. I needed them to show me that i still had a lot of things left to do before i settled down and raised a child. That Cora’s dad wasn’t my forever, and someone else was waiting for me. But most of all, I needed them to get me closer to my father in heaven, and back on the right path. Placing Cora with the Katoa’s was without a doubt the best decision I could have made. I’m marrying the love of my life, and I’ve never been happier! Blessings are disguised in so many ways. I know in my heart families are forever.”

Read the rest here: http://carnationsandlace.blogspot.com/

The pictures are of Krychele on her wedding day, with Cora and her family.


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Shayla: A Birth Mother’s Story

Remember last week’s awesome perspective from an adoptive father, Devin? Well this week we have their birth mother, Shayla, sharing her story! Thank you Shayla, for opening your heart!Hello! My name is Shayla Witney, I am from Springville Utah and I am one very proud birth mother of a handsome baby boy. My story is a little different vs. other peoples stories with adoption. I found out I was pregnant around August 20th 2011; birth father Jared was still involved with the entire pregnancy and was supportive of it all. Just a little insight before I tell the story. My mother was 6 months pregnant with my baby sister and Jared’s mom was a month pregnant when I found out I was expecting. Something was obviously in the water and there was a lot of hormones and a lot of, “i’m ignoring her because she is being rude” at my house.

I was 16 years old and I was living at my parents house when Jared and I discovered I was pregnant. Jared and I were scared, but we weren’t freaking out over it. It was a blessing that was meant to come at the time it did. My parents were not supportive at all at the beginning. What do you expect though? My mom was getting close to her due date and my dad had two pregnant ladies in the house! I won’t go into much detail but I packed up and left the next morning after them finding out. It was bad! Eventually my mom came around to help me through this huge change in my life and I moved back home.

Jared and I had talked about all the […]

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No Regrets: A Birth Mother Story

Today we are lucky enough to have another beautiful birth mother share her story. This is from Sydney, who placed her sweet baby girl for adoption:

My name is Sydney Watts. I am 18 years old, and I am a birth mom (woot woot). I placed my sweet baby girl in December of 2013. I was in high school when I became pregnant and even though I highly favored the option of parenting, little by little I came to know that the things my baby needed and deserved, she wasn’t going to get with me as her mother. For as much as I wanted to be her mom and as much as I miss her, I have never had feelings of regret towards my decision. How on earth could you not regret giving your baby to someone else? Here are just a few reasons why I don’t regret it.
When I decided on adoption, it wasn’t like, “Hmm adoption is the easy way out.” It was more like “God please let me make the right decision for my baby. Please show me what I should do so my child has the best life that she can have.” And not only that, but once I did know that adoption was the right thing for my baby, I prayed for the strength to follow through with it. My motto became “not my will, but thine be done.” THE TRUTH IS: There is no easy way out. Parenting isn’t easy especially if you will be a single mom, just like giving your child to someone else’s family is not easy. Once you find yourself in a crisis pregnancy, there is no easy way out. You are in it […]

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Birth Mother’s Day




Did you know that the Saturday before Mother’s day is officially Birth Mother’s Day? This day is set aside to honor the sacrifice and bravery of women who have chosen adoption for their children. There is a local walk every year to celebrate adoption and Birth Mother’s Day and this year is no exception! Join with adoptive families and others who love adoption at the walk this Saturday, May 10 from 10 am -12 pm at the Spanish Fork Jr. High track. Even if you can’t attend, remember to honor the birth mothers in your life in some way that day!

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