Why a Private Home Study?

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to picking a home study provider. Why use a private home study provider versus an agency? Well here are a few pros to this option!

1) Once your home study is complete through Utah Adoption Specialists, it is yours. We release the final copy to you and you can then use it in any number of settings- to get listed on profile hosting websites, for a private adoption, or through any number of agencies! Why lock yourself into one route when you can explore multiple ways at once to build your family?

2) Your caseworker at Utah Adoption Specialists will be there to hold your hand through the duration of the process. Unsure whether private or agency adoption is right for you? We support both routes and can help you look at the pros and cons of both ways. Remember that our casework services are ALWAYS free with your home study. We have compiled a lot of wonderful resources that we are happy to share with our clients, including attorney referral lists, an agency PowerPoint analyzing every agency in Utah, profile building tips, birth parent letter advice, etc.

3) We know that the cost of adoption is a big concern for many. At $700, our home study costs less than if you were to obtain one through most agencies in Utah. Even if you have a specific agency in mind, you can save costs up front by obtaining a private home study and having it released to them. Our caseworkers are fast and efficient at getting the home study to you in a timely manner!

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Adoptive Family Spotlight: Clay & Kaila

12143110_10156224066105093_530686752217105229_nHi, we are Clay and Kaila and we are so excited to expand our family through adoption. We have a 4 year old boy who has been asking for a brother or sister for 2 years. After 3 years of trying to become pregnant again, and a lot of prayer, we now know that God has intended for us to grow our family through adoption.

We are a very fun and active family. We love to be outside. We enjoy hiking and camping and going on our Sunday walks. Clay works as an electrician and Kaila gets to stay at home with our son. We cannot wait to share our love with another child and his or her birth family. Come learn more about us adoption.com/profiles/Lingard-5689

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Hopeful Family Spotlight: Clayton and Lisa


We are Clayton and Lisa. We are currently a family of four looking to add to our family through adoption. We have always discussed adoption since the beginning of our marriage. Both of us have two brothers that were adopted and many family and friends that have grown their families through adoption. It was never an issue of “if” but “when.” We have been blessed with two wonderful children but have since had a difficult time becoming and remaining pregnant. We know our family is not complete yet and are excited to meet the newest member of our family.

Clayton currently works for a great software company in Utah where he is their financial controller. We are lucky Lisa can stay home with the kids. Before we were married, and for the first couple years of our marriage, she taught third grade at the local elementary school. Ben is an energetic 6 year old boy who’s in Kindergarten this year and loves it. London is full of spirit. She is in preschool twice a week and feels so big because she gets to go to the same school Ben went to. They are great siblings and love making up their own games and stories as they play together.

As a family we love to be out and about. We love visiting the Zoo and Aquarium. Once a month the kids enjoy going to Home Depot’s Kids Workshops where they get to build something out of wood. We stay busy, but also like the days when we can just be at home together. One of our favorite times of the week is Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house.

We look […]

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Hoping to Adopt: Brady & Sara


Hopeful Family Spotlight: Brady and Sara

Hi, we are Brady, Sara and Jack! We have been married for 5 amazing years. Our son Jack is 3 years old. He is such a blessing to our lives! We are excited about being on this adoption journey and find Jack a sibling! He will be the best big brother.

Sara is a stay at home mom and is grateful to be able to spend her days teaching and playing with Jack. Brady is an outsource program manager. Jack loves to play with his friends, build with his legos, Disneyland and playing outside. Together we enjoy taking bike rides, traveling, and playing with our dogs.

We feel strongly that adoption is the path we are supposed to be on and are excited for what the future holds.

You can learn ore about Brady, Sara, and Jack here:findingbabysis.weebly.com

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Sarah & Jared: Infertility


We know that oftentimes, the path to adoption starts with infertility. Infertility is such a difficult thing, and not many are educated on the deep hurt that it can cause for the couples facing it. The latest statistic is that one in eight couples experiences infertility, so the chances are good that you know one, two, three, or more couples facing this battle. Today’s post is a blog post written by Sarah Jeppsen and it shares her deep and vulnerable feelings about their journey with infertility. Sarah will have you laughing and crying throughout the post. We think it’s a must read for anyone and everyone!

A big thank you to Sarah and her husband Jared for allowing us to share their post (and, hey, they are looking to adopt, so browse around their blog a little more and get to know them and share with anyone you know looking to place!)


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Brandon & Rachael: Maya’s Adoption Story


Today, another divinely led adoption story. Thanks to Brandon and Rachael for sharing Maya’s adoption story with us!

From Rachael:

We were approved for adoption and our adoption profile first went live in April of 2012, and here it was the beginning of April 2013. The year had gone by so slowly (at times) when it came to the ‘waiting game’ of adoption. We had a couple of failed opportunities within that year and despite that we were in a good place. We met with our case worker to update our home study and discuss what else we could update on our profile, then one week later I was at work and I got a phone call from our case worker telling me that she was about to “rock our world”, that we had a big decision to make and we had to make it quickly. She told us that there was a baby girl born a week prior in Michigan, her birth mother had chosen to place her baby girl with us and needed to place quickly. So, if we were interested we’d have to drop everything and hop on a plane to Michigan to (hopefully) have this beautiful baby placed into our arms. We were also informed of was some risk involved -we needed to take in to consideration this sweet baby could be placed with us, but there was also a possibility she may not be placed with us. I called Brandon and could hardly finish telling him before he was saying, “Do you feel that, this is right – we have to go!” I was so nervous but a warm/peaceful feeling washed over me, […]

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Hoping to Adopt: Dave & Shamaine


Hopeful Family Spotlight: Dave & Shamaine

Hi! We are Dave, Shamaine and Hayden.

We have been married for 8 years and blessed to have Hayden with us for the last 5 of those. We live in Washington State, love to spend quality time together as a family, playing games and taking trips.

Shamaine is a stay at home mom, who loves to volunteer at Hayden’s school. She also loves summer and reading books, especially when they happen together.

Dave does statistics for a living, at a large manufacturing plant but would prefer to be outdoors rock climbing or working on a DIY project.

Hayden loves kindergarten, playing with his friends, working in the garage with Dad, helping mom make cookies, and most importantly prays for two babies every night. Some day we hope to have those prayers answered.

Please, check out our profile below:

and follow/like us on Facebook:

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Hopeful Adoptive Couple Spotlight: Taylor and Carolyn



Hopeful Family Spotlight: Taylor and Carolyn

Whether it’s words from our lips or winks in our eyes, whether it’s a memory we chuckle about or a fun moment together, these things all describe our home—a place of love and laughter and we can’t wait for our next addition.

Taylor—a hard worker with an accounting degree—works for a very strong company he will be a part of for years to come. Carolyn—a gifted individual with such talents as creating wedding cakes with her culinary arts degree—primarily sees her future as the loving mother in a fun filled family. While we find ourselves participating in sports and games, building friendships with those around, and events of various kinds, family and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are the center of our lives and will be forever.

We’re approaching five years of our amazing marriage and are eager to add children to our home. We anxiously wait to become acquainted with you. Please contact us.

Profile: https://itsaboutlove.org/ial/profiles/29773756/ourMessage.jsf

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Hopeful Adoptive Family: Troy & Rachel


Hopeful Family Spotlight: Troy and Rachel

Hi! We are Troy & Rachel, and we are really excited to add to our family through an open adoption. We aren’t your “typical” adoptive family, but really, who is? We have been happily married for fourteen years and have five beautiful children. We were blessed to adopt our youngest son in 2012. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and we can’t wait to see who else is out there. We love to spend time together: traveling, fishing, hiking, running, swimming, and hanging around together on quiet evenings at home. A stable, happy family life is our first priority. We look forward to getting to know and love another amazing birth mother and including her in our lives. Thank you for taking the time to look at our family, it means the world to us!

Read more about Troy and Rachel:

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Hopeful Adoptive Family: John and Lora



Hopeful Family Spotlight: John and Lora

Fast Facts About John, Lora, & Maya

1. John is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do as well as a certified TKD referee.
2. He earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering and works in Utah as a “Process Integration Scientific Engineer Module Owner” (I dare you to say the three times fast).
3. John makes mouth-watering banana chocolate chip muffins, and his world-
famous whole-wheat buttermilk pancakes are in high demand!
4. John loves to make up games to play with Maya, and I often find the two of them giggling together.
5. John recently fixed our dryer BY HIMSELF! This continues to amaze and impress me!
6. Lora knows that John loves her because she has only had to clean the toilet a handful of times during their almost nine years of marriage. That is TRUE love!

1. Lora is a domestic goddess by day (that’s right, I learned how to make grape juice out of the grapes from our back yard this year) and an aspiring author by naptime.
2. If Lora was a superhero, her special powers would be to make friends, get lost while driving, use lots of exclamation marks and parenthesis while writing (am I right!), and organize anything from activities to papers.
3. Lora taught elementary school for five years before staying at home with baby Maya.
4. There is always at least one book on her nightstand at all times (but usually it’s more like three or four with a few magazines, post-it notes, and a couple of pictures created by Maya thrown in for good measure). In other words, she loves to read!
5. Lora also loves to travel! Her favorite places thus […]

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