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Meet the

Utah Adoption Specialists

Utah Adoption Specialists is a team of adoption caseworkers. We specialize in the preparation of domestic and international adoption home studies, home study updates,  post-placement reports, and expectant/birth parent counseling. We are the most experienced private adoption home study provider in Utah!

Navigating adoption outside of an adoption agency can be overwhelming. We are committed to traditional casework services and ongoing support before, during, and after your adoption, providing the support you need to feel confident in private adoption.

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Owner & Caseworker

Kim Perry, LCSW

Kim received her Bachelor’s Degree of Social Work from Brigham Young University and her Master’s of Social Work Degree from the University of Utah. Kim has extensive experience in adoption, both personally in building her own family, and professionally as an adoption caseworker. Kim’s personal experience in adoption includes the areas of older child adoption, special needs, and international adoption as she is the adoptive mother of two daughters from Ecuador, one of whom has special needs. Kim has 13 years of adoption experience.

Kim is married and a mother to five. She lives in Davis County.

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Owner & Caseworker

Krystal Leaaetoa, LCSW

Krystal received her Bachelor’s degree of Psychology from BYU and her Master’s degree of Social Work from the University of Utah. Krystal has 13 years of professional experience in both adoption and counseling, and enjoys working with adoptive couples and expectant/birth parents. Krystal genuinely listens to her clients and always helps them feel comfortable and validated. Krystal’s family is biracial, which gives her personal experience in navigating interracial relationships. Krystal is also fluent in Spanish.

Krystal lives in Davis County with her husband and four adorable children.


Owner & Caseworker

Lauren Andrews, SSW

Lauren received her Bachelor’s Degree of Social Work from Brigham Young University.  Lauren has 13 years of adoption experience: including time at an adoption agency, and also working for the State preparing home studies for foster care families. Lauren is an excellent advocate for her clients; her favorite aspect of adoption is working with prospective adoptive families during such an exciting time in their lives.

Lauren lives with her husband and three children in northern Utah County.

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Amber Falk, SSW

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Amber Lingard, LCSW



Sara King-Flitton, SSW

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Teresa Ringger, LCSW

Amber received her Bachelor's of Social Work Degree from Weber State University. After graduation, Amber worked for a large adoption agency for over 10 years, and then joined UAS in 2014.  Amber has considerable professional experience working with adoptive applicants, preparing home studies and guiding couples through the adoption process.  Amber is the Expectant/Birth Parent Expense Manager for UAS.  Adoption holds a special place in her heart. She feels so grateful to be a small part of helping families come together and seeing each entity of the adoption triad blessed by the miracle of adoption.

Amber is married and has four children. She lives in Davis County.

Amber received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Master’s degree of Social Work both from the University of Utah. Amber has 7 years of professional experience with adoption working for an adoption agency. She also has experience with counseling adolescents, marriage, family, and worked with children in a school setting. Amber has family members who have adopted and she has seen them navigate through the adoption process. Amber loves to work with her clients to help find ways to heal and move through life trials.

Amber lives in North Salt Lake, Utah. She is married and has five children.

Sara received her Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Virginia University. Sara started her career working in Virginia with children and their families at an equine therapy center. She then entered the adoption world working for a large adoption agency where she worked closely with birth parents and adoptive families. Sara has extensive experience preparing home studies for adoptive couples and helping them navigate their relationships with birth parents before and after placement. Adoption is a field Sara is passionate about and she has dedicated the last seven years to it. She is devoted to helping families grow and becoming a forever family.

Sara lives with her husband and  her daughter in southern Davis County.

Teresa received her Master’s Degree of Social Work from Brigham Young University. Teresa worked for an adoption agency for a total of 8 years. Teresa has been working in adoption since 2004 and has worked with adoptive parents, birth parents, and children. She worked mainly with adoptive parents at the agency, but also had the opportunity to run groups with expectant parents, do birth parent counseling, and travel to many places around the country to assist with adoptions. After retiring from that agency Teresa has been doing home studies, birth parent relinquishments, and birth parent counseling for private adoptions. Adoption is one of Teresa’s passions. She speaks Romanian fluently.

Teresa lives in northern Utah County with her husband and two beautiful children.

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